‘Transmission Ends’ (ST)

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‘Transmission Ends’ with the Eighth Doctor

This story is by Richard Salter and it features the Eighth Doctor. The last story of this collection has the Doctor saving a young boy’s life called Alex who is in mental contact with an alien called George.

There are references to previous short trips featured in the ‘Short Trips: Transmissions’ collection as the alien George is communicating with the Doctor through his memories. The end of the story was unsatisfying for me.

At the end of the book, there are short biographies of the 17 authors for this collection of ‘Doctor Who’ stories. There is also a preview of the next ‘Short Trips’ anthology collection called ‘Short Trips: How The Doctor Changed My Life’ with first lines of the 25 stories featured from the story collection.

There are also blurbs advertising available Short Trip collections from Big Finish including ‘Short Trips: Defining Patterns’; ‘Short Trips: The Quality of Leadership’; ‘Short Trips: A Universe of Terrors’; ‘Short Trips: Farewells’ and ‘Short Trips: Dalek Empire’.

‘Short Trips: Transmissions’ has been an interesting collection of ‘Doctor Who’ short stories to read. It’s not the best collection I’ve read compared to ‘Short Trips: Companions’. But I’ve enjoyed reading/listening to those four Short Trips with audiobook narrations by John Banks from Big Finish.

‘Transmission Ends’ rating – 5/10

‘Short Trips: Transmissions’ rating – 5/10

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