‘A Town Called Mercy’ (TV)

Doctor Who Series 7 Part 1 Doctor Who Series 7 2014


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Pond Season – Cowboys

NB: Watch ‘The Making of the Gunslinger’ prequel before this episode.

This is a fairly average ‘Doctor Who’ episode by Toby Whitehouse set in the Wild West.

This has cowboys, horses; a little town called Mercy and also a scary alien cyborg gunslinger. The story is about an alien doctor who is being hunted down for his crimes committed on his own planet.

This episode was filmed in Spain. This is amazing as there are exotic sunny vistas provided for the backdrop of the Wild West as well as the little town when the Doctor; Amy and Rory visit Mercy.

Moral dilemmas ensue in the town of Mercy on whether to keep him alive or have him dead. This episode sets moral dilemmas for the Doctor, from wanting Kahler-Jex dead to protecting him.

Matt Smith delivers a great performance as the Doctor. I found those scenes when he’s angry with Jex. I like it when the Doctor rides on a horse in the wild outback and when he gets to be marshal.

Karen Gillian is equally good as Amy, as she gets to use a gun in this episode. She brings the Doctor out of his rage when condemning Kahler-Jex to death and her motherly side is touched upon too.

Arthur Darvill is also great as Rory, who helps distract the Gunslinger out on the wild hills and in the town of Mercy. It was interesting to see Rory siding with the Doctor on condemning Jex to death.

Ben Browder guest stars as Issac, marshal of Mercy. Issac has been protecting Kahler-Jex from the Gunslinger hunting him. He promotes the Doctor to marshal after he gets shot by the Gunslinger.

Adrian Scarborough (who was in ‘The Boy That Time Forgot’ with Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton) guest stars as Kahler-Jex. He has a list of war crimes added to his name and is a prisoner of his past.

Andrew Brooke guest stars as the Gunslinger, a cyborg assassin set out to hunt Kahler-Jex. The Gunslinger looks impressive and terrifying in all his glory with costume design and cyborg make-up

The Gunslingers looks wild western desperado-like and futuristic. The inspiration was from Frankenstein’s monster. The voice of the Gunslinger is also chilling and sent a shiver down my spine.

There’s also Sean Benedict as Dockery; Byrd Wilkins as the Preacher; Joanne McQuinn as Sadie; Rob Cavazos as Walter and Garrick Hagon (who was in ‘The Mutants’ with Jon Pertwee) as Abraham. There’s also Lorelei King as the narrator.

The climax of this episode was pretty good. The showdown between the Doctor and the Gunslinger was intense, and I wondered how Kahler-Jex would escape or whether the Gunsligher would kill him.

This is an atmospheric tale set in the Wild West. It wasn’t anything special or exciting for me as it felt pretty average. But there are nice performances from Matt, Karen and Arthur in this episode.

The DVD special features on this episode are as follows. On Disc 2 of ‘Series 7 – Part 1’, there’s ‘The Making of the Gunslinger’ by Toby Whitehouse. This is a prequel to ‘A Town Called Mercy’ that depicts the history of the Gunslinger’s creation and is narrated by Adrian Scarborough as Kahler-Jex.

On Disc 2 of ‘The Complete Series 7’ of ‘Doctor Who’, there is the ‘Wild, Wild…Spain’ behind-the-scenes featurette. ‘The Making of the Gunslinger’ prequel is on Disc 2 of ‘The Complete Series 7’ DVD.

‘A Town Called Mercy’ rating – 7/10

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2 thoughts on “‘A Town Called Mercy’ (TV)

  1. Timelord 007

    Not bad but could’ve been so much better, again half the issue with these storys is the running time of 45 minutes, if this had been 60 & added a bit more narrative to the story then this could’ve been epic.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tim Bradley Post author

    Yeah I agree with you, Simon. This episode could have been so much better and with a longer running time in each episode. I think the new production team should do seasons with mostly two-part adventures and having one-part episodes on the odd occasion within a 60 minute time-slot for us to enjoy.

    Thanks for your comments.

    Tim. 🙂



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