‘False Coronets’ (Audio)


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Jane Austen with the Eleventh Doctor and Clara

The fourth story of ‘The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles’ is called ‘False Coronets’ by Alice Cavender. Once again, this is another ‘Doctor Who’ writer I haven’t come across before in the Big Finish audios.

This was the story out of ‘The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles’ that I was looking forward to the most. This story featured the Eleventh Doctor and Clara Oswald meeting Jane Austen! I was very intrigued!

I’ve written my own ‘Doctor Who’ story with Jane Austen called ‘The Austen Code’, featuring the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa and Billy. As you can imagine, I wanted to find out what this audio tale was like. 🙂

I wanted to find out if this ‘Doctor Who’ story with Jane Austen had any connection to the one I had written for my ‘Fifth Doctor’ series. As it turned out, this was a pretty engaging adventure for me. 😀

Of course, this wasn’t the first time the Doctor met Jane Austen before. As well as my ‘Austen Code’ story, the Doctor met Jane Austen when he was the First Doctor with Steven and Vicki in ‘Frostfire’.

This story was also interesting to hear as it has Clara Oswald meeting Jane Austen for the first time. There have been references made in the TV series about Jane Austen being Clara’s favourite author.

The references were in episodes like ‘The Caretaker’ and ‘Face the Raven’. Clara mentioned that Jane Austen was a ‘phenomenal kisser’. This…is where we find out what she meant by that remark.

Okay, this episode doesn’t see Jane Austen becoming a lesbian with Clara, which I’m thankful regarding historical accuracy. But Clara does dress up in a Dick Turpin outfit, which is very interesting.

Nathalie Buscombe guest stars as Jane Austen in the episode. I love Nathalie’s portrayal of Jane Austen in the episode. I want her to play Jane Austen in my ‘Fifth Doctor’ tale, ‘The Austen Code’. 😀

Anyway, the story sees the Doctor and Clara arriving in a London dungeon after the TARDIS follows the trail of a temporal anomaly. The two find Jane Austen to be an unlikely prisoner in the dungeon.

I find Jane Austen does become a victim in the ‘Doctor Who’ stories she’s in, especially my own. 😀 This of course happens to be an alternative reality that the Doctor and Clara have stumbled in here.

I liked it when the Doctor told Jane Austen in the alternative reality that he’s a fan of her work and that ‘Northanger Abbey’ is his favourite. I used ‘Northanger Abbey’ to help write ‘The Austen Code’.

Okay, that was good. 😀 Anyway, the Doctor and Clara are determined to put history back on track. They go back in time and separate to find out whoever is changing Earth’s timeline and to stop them.

The interaction between Clara and Jane Austen is interesting. Clara’s pretty feisty in her own way and I like how Jane Austen seems to be an active player during the events of this exciting adventure.

The Doctor and Clara soon find out who the villains are with Jane Austen’s help. It turns out to be one who took a gap year from an alien university and one who wants to start some revolution here.

I did cringe when the Doctor and Clara made in-jokes about Jane Austen’s novels like ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and ‘Sense and Sensibility’ when she’s in the room. But apart from that, the rest was fine.

I liked how this episode used the 2012-2013 opening titles theme for this story that comes from Series 7. But I was annoyed the original 2010-2012 theme music was used at the end of the episode.

Nathalie Buscombe and Jacob Dudman in ‘False Coronets’.

I enjoyed ‘False Coronets’ very much. It has to be my favourite from ‘The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles’ as I’m glad I got to hear the adventure where the Eleventh Doctor and Clara met Jane Austen at last.

The CD extras are as follows. There are behind-the-scenes interviews with Jacob Dudman and Nathalie Buscombe, conducted by director Helen Goldwyn on ‘False Coronets’ which I enjoyed hearing.

It’s been a pleasure to hear ‘The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles’ by Big Finish at last! ‘The Doctor Chronicles’ from Big Finish on new series ‘Doctor Who’ have been pretty good. Jacob Dudman has been amazing in his voices for the David Tennant and Matt Smith Doctors throughout these box sets.

Like ‘The Tenth Doctor Chronicles’, ‘The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles’ explores various aspects of the Eleventh Doctor’s life including from his beginning towards his end. It’s a shame there wasn’t an Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory story, but I’m glad I heard ‘False Coronets’ with the Eleventh Doctor and Clara!

At this point, I wonder if there will be more ‘Doctor Chronicles’ by Big Finish. Maybe there are more on the way. Whether I’ll hear them is another matter. I’d welcome a second ‘Doctor Chronicles’ box set for the Ninth; Tenth and Eleventh Doctors. Perhaps Big Finish will do a first one for the Twelfth Doctor. 😀

‘False Coronets’ rating – 9/10

‘The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles’ CD rating – 8/10

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2 thoughts on “‘False Coronets’ (Audio)

  1. Timelord 007

    Yeah a fun engaging Chronicles adventure, decently paced, mysterious & intriguing you rated this one point higher than me but overall three quality stories & one slightly underwhelming one, I’d rate entire set a 7/10 blimey I’m getting quite strict with my review ratings Lol.

    P.S your Jane Austin story was far better.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      Hi Simon.

      Yeah I rate this one highly didn’t it? It’s only because of my interest in Jane Austen and the Eleventh Doctor and Clara’s connections to her that I was able to find myself geared and invested throughout this adventure. Glad you enjoyed my thoughts on this story.

      Very pleased you enjoyed my latest reviews on ‘The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles’, Simon. Hope to get onto uploading my reviews on ‘The First Doctor Adventures – Volume 1’ soon.

      Really? Have you read all of my Jane Austen story? I know you started reading ‘The Austen Code’ a while back but I wasn’ sure if you’d finished it or not. Glad you find my Jane Austen story to be better.

      Many thanks for your comments.

      Tim. 🙂



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