‘In Search of Lost Time’ (SS)


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Tilly Pilgrim and the Eleventh Doctor

‘In Search of Lost Time’ is a story by Una McCormack and it features the Eleventh Doctor. Una McCormack has written a number of ‘Doctor Who’ stories especially for Big Finish audio. She wrote ‘An Eye for Murder’ in ‘Breaking Bubbles and Other Stories’ as well as ‘The Window on the Moor’. 🙂

This story was baffling for me to read as I got into it and I wasn’t entirely happy with how things got resolved. The story focuses on Tilly Pilgrim who is a mother. She’s been having strange daydreams. She meets the Eleventh Doctor who comes by in the park to tell her more regarding her daydreams.

I did like the references made to the Middle-Earth and Narnia stories when Tilly was comparing the imaginary worlds she visited in her daydreams to them. Though I’d like to point out it was a white stag the Pevensie children were hunting in ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’. Not a white hart.

It seems that the daydreams Tilly has been experiencing are actually messages sent to her by alien worlds. It’s like she’s the receiver of a telephone conversation. The Doctor takes Tilly into the TARDIS where she experiences the world inside the police box itself. She even takes her pram in with her. 😀

The Eleventh Doctor is written reasonably well. I could hear Matt Smith’s voice saying his words. He travels alone by this point. It’s not clear whether this story is during or after his travels with Amy and Rory. At the end, the Doctor encourages Tilly to tell her daughter the worlds she’s visited via TARDIS.

‘In Search of Lost Time’ is accompanied by the chapter called ‘Time and Memory’.

‘In Search of Lost Time’ rating – 6/10

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