‘Living History’ (TCY) (Audio)



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A Dalek with Winston Churchill, Kazran Sardick and the Eleventh Doctor

Danny Horn and Ian McNeice in ‘Living History’.

In this episode by Justin Richards, Winston Churchill gets to have an adventure in time and space. ‘Living History’ has Churchill going back in time to meet Julius Caesar as well as meeting the Romans.

He also reunites with the Eleventh Doctor and meets Kazran Sardick, played by Danny Horn, during his adventures with the Doctor from ‘A Christmas Carol’. Churchill also confronts a Dalek in this tale!

The story takes place after World War II has ended. He’s given a chance to travel in the TARDIS with the Eleventh Doctor and Kazran as they go back in time to meet Julius Caesar during Roman times. 🙂

Unfortunately, the TARDIS goes out of control and Churchill and Kazran are stranded in Roman times during 55 BC. They soon run in with the Romans as well as the Ancient Britons that fight each other!

It turns out that the Ancient Britons are being led by their Bronze God, whom they fear and worship. Once Churchill and Kazran realise it’s a Dalek, they team with the Romans and the Britons to fight it.

Once again, Ian McNeice delivers a splendid performance as Churchill. It was interesting to hear Churchill after the war was over and how he continued with his writing after he was Prime Minister.

Clearly the adventurous spirit is in Churchill when he accompanies the Doctor and Kazran. He gets to meet Julius Caesar; gives a speech to the Romans and Britons and he knows what a Dalek is about. 😐

Like before, I don’t think Ian McNeice gives a good impersonation of Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor in the story. I was disappointed though that the Eleventh Doctor did not feature much throughout this.

I enjoyed Danny Horn’s performance as Kazran Sardick. I did hear another audio adventure with the Eleventh Doctor and Kazran called ‘The Top of the Tree’, which I presume is set after ‘Living History’.

It was enjoyable how Kazran coped with meeting the Ancient Britons as well as the Romans and as well as Winston Churchill. Both Churchill and Kazran spark off well with each other in this adventure.

Kazran is clearly a hero and sort-of gets to be a comrade/companion for Churchill in this story. I liked that scene at the end when Kazran expresses how much he admires meeting someone like Churchill.

Nicholas Briggs voices the Dalek in this audio adventure. It was nice to have a Dalek in this audio adventure, since Churchill has had dealings with Daleks/Ironsides in the ‘Victory of the Daleks’ story.

It’s interesting how the Dalek crash-landed during Roman times in Ancient Britain. It’s also worth pointing out that it’s a single Dalek coping on its own, echoing what was great about ‘Dalek’ in 2005.

I’ve written a Ninth Doctor story with a single Dalek in it called ‘The Child of Death’. The Dalek in ‘Living History’ is pretty intimidating, taking advantage of the situation of being called a Bronze God.

The story also features Alistair Petrie as Julius Caesar. I don’t know much about Julius Caesar as a historical figure. It was intriguing how Churchill gets to meet him and how Caesar reacts to Churchill.

There’s also Laura Rogers as Queen Tristahna of the Ancient Britons. Kazran gets to meet Tristahna whilst Churchill is meeting Caesar. She reveals to Churchill and Kazran how she first met the Dalek. 😐

There are echoes of ‘The Wrath of the Iceni’ when I listened to this audio adventure featuring Romans and Ancient Britons. It’s fortunate that Churchill and Kazran get the two to work together. 🙂

Towards the end of the story, it seems like Churchill and Kazran are almost about to die in an explosion in order to defeat the Dalek. It’s very lucky that the TARDIS came just in time to save them.

The plot of where aliens crash-land to Earth and they become stranded is similar to other stories by Justin Richards like ‘The Dalek Project’ and ‘Plague of the Cybermen’. Not read ‘Dalek Project’ yet. 😀

It was lucky that Churchill and Kazran were able to understand the Romans and the Britons speaking English when the Doctor and the TARDIS weren’t around. Though that does get explained in the tale!

Danny Horn as Kazran Sardick in ‘Living History’.

‘Living History’ has been an enjoyable episode in ‘The Churchill Years’ Volume 1 box set. I liked how Churchill and Kazran dealt with a Dalek, although I feel we could’ve done with more Eleventh Doctor.

‘Living History’ (TCY) rating – 8/10

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