‘The Crimson Horror’ (TV)

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Clara and the Crimson Horror

‘The Crimson Horror’ is another good episode by Mark Gatiss. It features the return of the Paternoster Gang in Victorian London, 1893. These three characters seem to be popular in this ‘Doctor Who’ series!

It’s nice to see Neve McIntosh as Madame Vastra, Catrin Stewart as Jenny and Dan Starkey as Strax make a return to the ‘Doctor Who’ series. In this story, our three heroes solve a really strange mystery.

I liked it that Jenny gets to have her own adventure during the episode. This is when she goes to Sweetville undercover and solves the mystery. It was very gripping indeed to watch Jenny in that role.

Catrin Stewart stands out for me in this episode. I liked it when Jenny finds the Doctor in his red state and helps him to get back to his normal self. Jenny also gets to be the action girl in her body-tight suit.

Madame Vastra as ever gets to be the inquisitive detective. She discovers for herself something connected to the Silurian age with regards to the Crimson Horror. This happens to be a deadly poison.

Strax can be a little grating at times with his awkward humorous moments and his Sontaran desires for battle. But at least Strax gets to be in his Sontaran body armour; shoot a weapon and save the day.

This episode also features special guest star Dame Diana Rigg as Mrs. Gillyflower. Diana Rigg is very famous for her role of Emma Peel in ‘The Avengers’ 1960s TV series. I’m lucky to have seen that series.

In this ‘Doctor Who’ episode, Diana Rigg as Mrs. Gillyflower runs a place called Sweetville in Yorkshire. Sweetville is meant to be a utopian community. But there’s something pretty sinister about this place.

I do feel that Diana Rigg has aged quite a lot in terms of voice and appearance. She doesn’t sound like what she was in ‘The Avengers’ from the 60s. But she gives this compelling performance as the villain.

Diana Rigg is joined by her daughter Rachael Stirling as Ada. Rachael has done quite a number of ‘Doctor Who’ audios for Big Finish. These tales include ‘Trail of the White Worm’ and ‘Technophobia’.

I enjoyed Rachael Stirling’s performance as Ada, as she seems to be this blind person who’s been looking after this ‘monster’ of hers. But as it turns out, there is this tortured history with her character.

It does take a while for Matt Smith’s Doctor to appear in the episode properly. He comes in half-way through the episode. When the Doctor does appear, his skin’s so red and he has his mouth wide open.

I like how Jenny gets the Doctor back to normal and when he does, he’s back on fire form like nothing’s ever happened. The Doctor even kisses Jenny, to which she slaps him. I couldn’t help laugh at that bit.

It was great when we’re given the backstory in a flashback sequence on what happened to the Doctor and Jenna Coleman as Clara. It’s even presented in this old-style film footage which was so interesting.

After the Doctor’s reverted back to normal, he and Jenny go off to rescue Clara. I liked when the Doctor finds Clara and puts her back to normal the same way he did, she wakes all dazed, confused and happy.

Very soon, once the Doctor, Clara and the Paternoster Gang are united, they go off to fight against Miss Gillyflower and stop her cruel schemes. It’s revealed who the mysterious Mr. Sweet is in this tale.

‘The Crimson Horror’ is one of those good romp episodes that is easy to follow. I like how the Paternoster Gang start solving the mystery before the Doctor and Clara enter half-way in this episode.

The DVD special features on this episode are as follows. On Disc 5 of ‘The Complete Series 7′ of ‘Doctor Who’, there’s the ‘Behind-The-Scenes: The Crimson Horror’ featurette featuring cast and crew interviews. There’s also a commentary with Neve McIntosh, Catrin Stewart and Dan Starkey.

‘The Crimson Horror’ rating – 8/10

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2 thoughts on “‘The Crimson Horror’ (TV)

  1. Tim Bradley Post author

    Hi Simon.

    Glad you enjoyed this episode as well as me. I found Diana Rigg and Rachael Stirling the highlight when watching this episode.

    Thanks for your thoughts on this.

    Tim. 🙂



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