‘The Vampires of Venice’ (TV)

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Vampires(?) with the Doctor, Amy and Rory

This episode is by Toby Whithouse. I saw this episode on my birthday on the 8th of May 2010. I had a lovely TARDIS birthday cake to eat with my parents at my Nana’s house when we saw this episode.

‘The Vampires of Venice’ is the first time that new series ‘Doctor Who’ attempts to do a vampire story. They do this in style when the Doctor takes Amy and Rory back in time to 16th century Venice.

The Doctor is no stranger to dealing with vampires, as he faced them before in the classic series TV story, ‘State of Decay’. I was expecting the vampires from that TV story to be of that similar breeding.

Sadly the vampires in ‘The Vampires of Venice’ aren’t what I was expecting, as they’re not really vampires at all. They’re actually fish-like aliens with large fangs and happen to be called Saturnynes.

Also this episode is rather tame in being a vampire story. I was expecting this is to be a blood-curdling, gothic adventure. Although the vampire girls in white dresses do look scary with their fangs.

This episode of course features the return of Arthur Darvill as Rory Williams. Rory made his first appearance in ‘Doctor Who’ in the very first Matt Smith episode, ‘The Eleventh Hour’, with Amy Pond.

For Rory, it’s the night before his wedding to Amy and he’s having a stag party with some friends. The Doctor gatecrashes Rory’s stag party and tells him that Amy kissed her. Not a good start, Doctor!

Following on from ‘Flesh and Stone’, the Doctor decides to take Amy and Rory on a romantic trip to Venice, 1580. But like all plans of the Doctor’s, things don’t go according to plan when danger’s near.

It seems the Black Plague has come back to haunt Venice and it connects to Signora Rosanna Calvierri’s school of girls. Becoming curious, the Doctor, Amy and Rory investigate what’s happening.

I like that Rory has now joined the TARDIS team as a new companion in this episode. It sets up the new dynamic between him, Amy and the Doctor very well and he becomes very brave in this story.

I quite like the idea of having a romantic couple in the TARDIS between Amy and Rory. I’ve done this myself with having a romantic couple in the TARDIS through my ‘Fifth Doctor by Tim Bradley’ series.

Rory is pretty bemused and bewildered by the fact his fiancée has been having adventures with the Doctor in the TARDIS. He’s uncomfortable with it and he questions the Doctor’s morals in his travels.

I really liked it when Rory gets to fight off Francesco to save Amy in the Venice streets. Eventually its Amy who saves Rory, but at least Rory has brave go at trying and he gets a kiss from Amy in the end.

I liked that moment when the Doctor is seeing the vampire girls behind him, but he can’t see them in the mirror. That’s quite creepy. He even shows a picture of himself as William Hartnell in the episode.

I liked the performances of Helen McCrory as Rosanna and Alex Price as Francesco, who play off the vampiric mother and son quite well. It’s such a shame that the vampires in this story weren’t real at all.

I liked the foreign filming locations of ‘The Vampires of Venice’, as the town of Trogir in Croatia acts as the city of 16th century Venice. The location looks beautiful, lush and sunny when you watch this.

I enjoyed ‘The Vampires of Venice’. Disappointed that the vampires in this episode weren’t real, but I do like it that Rory’s joined Amy and the Doctor in the TARDIS and he gets to be a proper companion.

The DVD special features on this episode are as follows. On Disc 3 of ‘The Complete Series 5’ of ‘Doctor Who’, there’s an in-vision commentary with Alex Price; writer Toby Whithouse and director Jonny Campbell. On Disc 6, there’s the ‘Doctor Who Confidential’ episode ‘Death in Venice’.

I was really looking forward to seeing the new dynamic of the Doctor, Amy and Rory in future ‘Doctor Who’ episodes in the series. It looked to be promising and I hoped it would last. I wondered what this business was with the cracks in time, with the Pandorica opening and that silence will fall.

‘The Vampires of Venice’ rating – 5/10

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2 thoughts on “‘The Vampires of Venice’ (TV)

  1. Timelord 007

    I liked this one a little more than you my friend, i like that it’s dark & a little gothic, i remember thinking at the time oh Doctor Who’s in safe hands with Moffat & Smith lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      Yeah I know I sound critical about the vampires not being real and that I found this story tame and less blood-curdling as I expected a vampire story like ‘State of Decay’ and ‘Goth Opera’ to be.

      I’m glad you enjoyed this story though and that you enjoyed the dark and slightly gothic aspects to it. I can’t deny my enjoyment of it either.

      Yeah it’s a shame that our expectations of the Steven Moffat era and Matt Smith’s Doctor didn’t last beyond Series 5.

      Thanks for your comments and thoughts on this episode, Simon.

      Tim. 🙂



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