‘The Wedding of River Song’ (TV)


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The Doctor Weds River Song

N.B. Watch the prequel for ‘The Wedding of River Song’ before this episode.

Series 6 of ‘Doctor Who’ comes to a close in ‘The Wedding of River Song’. Most of the questions from the start of the season get answered here in this story. But not all of them, as more are to come.

I saw this episode by Steven Moffat on a Saturday evening at home. I wish this season finale had been a two-parter, since it felt like everything was crammed into one episode to give all the answers.

In the episode, time has stopped. It’s the 22nd of April 2011. But time’s gone wrong as every piece of history has merged into one. The Doctor knows what’s happening and it’s all River Song’s fault.

The answer is given as to why the Doctor died on Lake Silencio in Utah at the start of ‘The Impossible Astronaut’. It turns out it wasn’t the Doctor who died at all! It was…I won’t reveal to avoid ‘spoilers’.

I like how this episode resolves what happened during ‘The Impossible Astronaut’ and what happened when the Doctor ‘died’. But it would have been nice had this been a two-part adventure.

The Teselecta makes a return in this ‘Doctor Who’ episode. The Teselecta was the shape-shifting robot that appeared in ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’. It turns out that it holds the key on how the Doctor had died.

The episode also features Ian McNeice as Winston Churchill, who has now become a Roman Emperor in the alternative timeline when time has stopped. He seems to know something is wrong.

Simon Fisher-Becker also appears as Dorium Maldovar… Wait! Hang on! Wasn’t he beheaded in ‘A Good Man Goes To War’? Oh, it turns out his head survived…and he’s now a talking head…which is strange.

Dorium also reveals some more secrets about the Doctor’s future. He tells the Doctor that ‘silence will fall’ when he goes to Trenzalore and he tells him what the first question is. What is it though? 😀

Karen Gillan as Amy and Arthur Darvill as Rory make a return in this episode. They appear in this alternative timeline where time has stopped, as they help the Doctor to sort out the deadly Silence.

Alex Kingston also returns as River Song. River is responsible for causing time to stop since she refuses to kill the Doctor, the man she loves. She won’t listen to the Doctor, as he tries to touch her.

Frances Barber also returns as the evil Madame Kovarian. It’s clear that Kovarian is gleefully evil and delights in tormenting the Doctor and his friends. She’s annoyed when River doesn’t kill the Doctor.

The Silence makes a return in this ‘Doctor Who’ episode. The Silent aliens remain pretty terrifying, especially when breaking out of their water-filled cells and they attack Amy, Rory and everyone else.

I liked the moment when Amy saves Rory’s life, even after the Silence taunt Rory that she isn’t coming back for him. Amy uses a machine gun to gun the Silence down and she even kills Kovarian.

The actual ‘wedding’ of River Song…isn’t actually a wedding at all. It’s Amy and Rory giving their consent to let the Doctor and River marry and they kiss each other before time resumes once more.

By the way, I like the tribute made to the Brigadier in the episode when the Doctor phones for him and learns he passed away. It was touching, as Nicholas Courtney had not long passed away in 2011.

‘The Wedding of River Song’ is a decent finale to Series 6. It would have been better if this was a two-parter, but I’m pleased that it resolved some of the questions that were hanging from the start.

The DVD special features on this episode are as follows. On Disc 5 of ‘The Complete Series 6’ of ‘Doctor Who’, there’s a commentary with Frances Barber, writer Steven Moffat and director Jeremy Webb. There’s also the prequel for ‘The Wedding of River Song’ with Alex Kingston as River Song. There are also two trailers for Series 6 including a ‘Part 1 Trailer’ and a ‘Part 2 Trailer’. On Disc 6, there’s the ‘Doctor Who Confidential’ episode ‘When Time Froze’.

On Disc 6 of ‘The Complete Series 6’ of ‘Doctor Who’, all thirteen episodes of ‘Doctor Who: Confidential’ for Series 6 are there. There’s also the ‘Doctor Who Confidential’ documentary, ‘A Night’s Tale’, which looks at the making of the first two ‘Night and the Doctor’ mini-episodes and also on the ‘Space’/’Time’ two-part Comic Relief special.

Series 6 of ‘Doctor Who’ has been a pretty convoluted season indeed. I eventually enjoyed the episodes and was pleased to see answers to questions resolved in the final episode. But I still don’t consider this to be my favourite season of ‘Doctor Who’, since there was so much to take in one go!

I’ve re-watched Series 6 especially for review and have been able to gain a fuller grasp and understanding of the plot with what was going on with Steven Moffat’s jigsaw puzzle of a story arc. Matt Smith’s Doctor was growing on me and it was a matter of time before I got to enjoy him more.

‘The Wedding of River Song’ rating – 7/10

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2 thoughts on “‘The Wedding of River Song’ (TV)

  1. Timelord 007

    Excellent review Tim, your right this season is a jigsaw puzzle that when fitted together were still a few pieces missing, Moffats trouble is he over complicates stories & tries to be clever which dilutes away drama from the main story,

    This is when my interest for the new series started to wane.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tim Bradley Post author

    Thanks Simon. Glad you enjoyed my review on this episode as well as for the whole of Series 6.

    I’m sure there are plot points during Series 6 that I’ve forgot to mention that were never resolved. Steven Moffat obviously makes his mark in ‘Doctor Who’ with delivering overly complicated stories that are hard to keep track of and you need to be alert at all times. But it’s so difficult when you’re trying to enjoy the story and the characters and there are too many elements that make it complicated.

    Series 6 is not the best season of ‘Doctor Who’ in my opinion. I hoped it would get better in the next series and beyond. But sadly that wasn’t to be the case.

    Thanks again for your comments, Simon. Glad you enjoyed my Series 6 reviews of ‘Doctor Who’. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on these episodes.

    Tim. 🙂



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