‘4-Dimensional Vistas’ (Comic)


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Gus and the Fifth Doctor with the Monk and Ice Warriors

This is a six-part adventure by Steve Parkhouse with artwork by Mick Austin. This story follows on directly from ‘Lunar Lagoon’ as the Doctor and his new companion Gus try to find out why WWII is still going on. It was interesting to see how the Doctor and Gus meet and become a new TARDIS duo.

The Doctor and Gus travel back in time to the North Pole. The villains turn out to be the Meddling Monk and the Ice Warriors. I was delighted to see the Monk and the Ice Warriors teaming up together in this adventure. I sometimes found Gus annoying as a companion with his brash manner.

‘4-Dimensional Vistas’ rating – 7/10

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