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Weeping Angels with the Fifth Doctor

‘Classic Doctors, New Monsters’ – Volume 1 is an exciting ‘Doctor Who’ CD box set release for fans!

In 2015, it was announced that Big Finish would produce the ‘Classic Doctor, New Monsters’ – Volume 1 box set of ‘Doctor Who’. This was very exciting news for ‘Doctor Who’ fans who listened to the Big Finish audios, including me. I hoped I would listen to these new audio adventures someday.

Thankfully, I purchased the CD box set from the Big Finish stall at the ‘Regenerations 2016’ convention in Swansea, September 2016. I greatly enjoyed these four audio stories, although I wish the Doctors had their companions join them on these adventures against the new series monsters!

This box set contains four ‘Doctor Who’ episodes featuring four Doctors from the classic series facing monsters from the new series, as the box set’s title clearly indicates. This was a lovely souvenir from the ‘Regenerations 2016’ convention from Big Finish. I’m very pleased I’ve heard all the four stories.

The four Doctors are Peter Davison’s Fifth Doctor, Colin Baker’s Sixth Doctor, Sylvester McCoy’s Seventh Doctor and Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor. These Doctors face monsters that have appeared in the new series of ‘Doctor Who’ with both David Tennant’s Doctor and Matt Smith’s Doctor on TV.

The four episodes are ‘Fallen Angels’ with Peter Davison, ‘Judoon in Chains’ with Colin Baker, ‘Harvest of the Sycorax’ with Sylvester McCoy and ‘The Sontaran Ordeal’ with Paul McGann. All these four episodes are directed by Barnaby Edwards, who had done sterling audio work in the past.

It would’ve been nice to have Nyssa join the Fifth Doctor facing the Weeping Angels; Peri to join the Sixth Doctor facing the Judoon; Ace to join the Seventh Doctor facing the Sycorax and Charley to join the Eighth Doctor facing the new series Sontarans. But that might come later for future audio stories.

The cast of ‘Fallen Angels’. From left to right: Joe Jameson, Sacha Dhawan, Matthew Kelly, Peter Davison, Diane Morgan and Dan Starkey.

The first episode of the first ‘Classic Doctors, New Monsters’ box set is ‘Fallen Angels’, starring Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor. In this story, Peter’s Doctor fights against the terrifying Weeping Angels!

It was interesting to hear a story with Peter Davison’s Doctor fighting against the Weeping Angels. This is a story that takes place before the Tenth Doctor faces them in ‘Blink’ from the new TV series.

I wondered how the Weeping Angels would work on audio compared to TV, since they’re pretty much silent enemies. But thankfully, this story works with the Angels on audio as they are terrifying!

This episode is by Phil Mulryne, who is an actor and writer at Big Finish. Phil Mulryne has worked with Peter Davison in ‘Psychodrome’ as well as written for Peter’s Doctor in ‘The Contingency Club’.

In this episode, the story begins in 2015 where the newly-weds Joel and Gabby Finch are visiting Rome during their honeymoon. They look for Michelangelo’s statue of Moses in the Sistene Chapel.

But as they explore, they soon come across a statue of an Angel and are soon zapped back in time to the year 1511. The Doctor finds the two newly-weds stranded before they face the Weeping Angels.

It was interesting to discover in this episode that Peter’s Doctor knew the Weeping Angels already. I like that Phil Mulryne had decided not to make this tale the Doctor’s first encounter with the Angels.

As with other Weeping Angel stories by Steven Moffat, there’s an element of a timey-wimeyness to this story. But thankfully I was able to follow this story, without finding any convolutions throughout.

The sound effects for the Weeping Angels attacking are spot on in this episode. The scary noises of the Angels moving match to what was in the TV episodes and it makes them scary to hear on audio.

Matthew Kelly guest stars as Michelangelo in this episode. Michelangelo is an artist and a sculptor who lives in 16th century Rome, when the Doctor, Joel and Gabby meet and get to interact with him.

Like Rembrandt in ‘The Waters of Amsterdam’, I didn’t know a lot about Michelangelo. But it was great to learn about the man from hearing this episode and how he connects to the Weeping Angels.

Sacha Dhawan guest stars as Joel Finch. For many ‘Doctor Who’ fans, Sacha is well-known for playing Waris Hussein in the docu-drama, ‘An Adventure In Space and Time’. It was great to hear him in this.

Joel Finch happens to be a fan of Michelangelo and he becomes shocked when some of his artwork including the ceiling for the Sistene Chapel is missing. He’s pleased to meet Michelangelo in person.

Diane Morgan guest stars as Gabby Finch, Joel’s wife. Gabby is a fun character to listen, especially with some of her sidelines when she’s completely baffled by what goes on and meeting the Doctor.

It was fun to hear Gabby and Joel joining the Doctor as his one-off companions in this episode. It’s such a shame that the two have to remain in Rome 1511, because of the Angels robbing their future.

The story also features Joe Jameson as Piero, Michelangelo’s servant who becomes a victim of the Angels. There’s also Dan Starkey (who plays the new series Sontarans) playing some evil priests here.

Peter Davison excels as the Doctor in this episode. I enjoyed his enthusiasm throughout and how he coped with tackling the Angels; meeting Michelangelo and forming bonds with Joel and Gabby Finch.

‘Fallen Angels’ is a superb ‘Doctor Who’ episode with the Fifth Doctor and the Weeping Angels. I was gripped throughout this episode and so pleased with cast’s performances moving the story forward.

‘Fallen Angels’ rating – 9/10

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2 thoughts on “‘Fallen Angels’ (Audio)

  1. Timelord 007

    My only gripe with this is the length it’s about 48 minutes long & would’ve fared better at 70 minutes to add even more drama & suspense but that’s me being greedy.

    A excellent review Tim.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tim Bradley Post author

    Thanks Simon.

    Glad you enjoyed my review on ‘Fallen Angels’.

    Ah, so it was 48 minutes long. I wondered why this episode was so fast-paced. I enjoyed it anyway. I wish I could have inserted Nyssa and Billy with the Fifth Doctor into the plot to make it more interesting. 😀

    Tim. 🙂



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