‘Five Card Draw’ (ST)


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The Fifth Doctor meets the First, Second, Third and Sixth Doctors

This story is by Todd Green and it features the Fifth Doctor and two Peris as well as the First, Second, Third and Sixth Doctors. I’ve not come across Todd Green as a ‘Doctor Who’ writer before and he’s mainly written three Short Trips in prose form. I greatly enjoyed reading ‘Five Card Draw’ however. 🙂

After telling Peri to stay inside the TARDIS, the Fifth Doctor explores a castle in medieval England where he meets the First, Second, Third and Sixth Doctors. It turns out the First Doctor summoned some of his future selves to help him out with a crisis regarding getting his TARDIS back from knights.

Apparently, a girl called Lady Mary who is the sister of a man called Sir Edward is inside the TARDIS. I found it funny when the First Doctor mentioned about the Fourth Doctor refusing the summons and the Eighth Doctor not responding. The First Doctor didn’t bother in summoning the Seventh Doctor.

In the end, the Fifth Doctor is the one who’s actively involved with getting the First Doctor’s TARDIS back from Sir Edward whilst the First, Second, Third and Sixth Doctors are watching from a castle window. Beforehand, the five Doctors had been playing cards whilst the First Doctor related his tale.

As the five Doctors are about to depart, Peri from the Sixth Doctor’s TARDIS comes out to see him. There is a scene where the Fifth Doctor goes back to his TARDIS and meets up with his Peri for a bit. Seeing Peri from the Sixth Doctor’s TARDIS makes the Fifth Doctor realise his regeneration is coming.

‘Five Cards Draw’ rating – 8/10

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