‘The Boy That Time Forgot’ (Audio)



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The Doctor and Nyssa face the Giant Scorpions and the Boy that Time Forgot

This is a rip-roaring fun adventure of ‘Doctor Who’ in the stylish adventure movies from the 1970s.

‘The Boy That Time Forgot’ is a gripping four-part adventure by Paul Magrs, starring Peter Davison as the Doctor and Sarah Sutton as Nyssa. I enjoyed this story! Although it seems bizarre and outlandish sometimes; it is a thrilling ride with giant scorpions and someone from the Doctor and Nyssa’s past!

I’ve had the CD cover of ‘The Boy That That Time Forgot’ signed by Sarah Sutton at ‘Dimensions 2015’ in Newcastle, October 2015. I mentioned to Sarah that this story was not very well-liked by the fans. Sarah was quite surprised when I told her about this. However I did tell Sarah that I enjoyed it.

Following on from ‘The Haunting of Thomas Brewster’, the Doctor and Nyssa are stranded in Victorian times after the TARDIS got stolen. They try to get the TARDIS back and become acquainted with novelist Mrs Beatrice Mapp. They hold a séance/experiment at her house before it goes wrong.

The Doctor and Nyssa with Mrs Mapp and adventurer Rupert Von Thal get transported back in time to the prehistoric age on Earth. They get captured by giant scorpions that run a city of logic in the heart of a valley and are taken to meet the Scorpion King. The Scorpion King turns out to be…Adric?!

No! It simply can’t be! Adric died, didn’t he? In ‘Earthshock’ with the Cybermen! No he didn’t! He managed to survive when the freighter crashed into Earth. But it’s not Matthew Waterhouse playing Adric in this audio drama. Adric is played by Andrew Sachs, well known as Manuel in ‘Fawlty Towers’.

Adric is an old man, and Andrew makes him sound really old when he plays him. I was delighted to be hear Andrew Sachs in a ‘Doctor Who’ audio with Peter and Sarah. It’s a shame that Matthew didn’t return to play Adric in this, but at least he returned to play Adric in ‘The Fifth Doctor Box Set’.

Adric has become bitter and created this scorpion kingdom using his mathematics and Block Transfer Computation. He takes revenge on the Doctor for leaving him to die on the freighter in ‘Earthshock’. He re-establishes his relationship with Nyssa who he’s missed and wants as his bride against her will.

I found the relationship between Nyssa and Adric very interesting. It’s clear that Adric had a secret crush on Nyssa during their travels together in the TARDIS. But the thought of the two of them together and being a couple was never considered. For one thing, Adric never made a move to her.

When Adric forces himself onto Nyssa and declares her to be his bride, she’s horrified and runs away. Its revealed Nyssa never saw Adric in in a romantic way and just considered him a good friend. She preferred the young, frustrating, brash pig-headed boy instead of the bitter old man with Adric.

The Boy That Time Forgot Peter Sarah and Andrew

Sarah Sutton is absolutely brilliant and lovely as Nyssa. She wants to get the TARDIS back like the Doctor does, as she has had enough of Victorian times. When she meets Adric again, she’s stunned and amazed. She’s uncomfortable when Adric makes advances on her and wants her to be his bride.

Nyssa is very resourceful. She comes up with an idea to get herself; Bea, Rupert and the Doctor back to Victorian times. I liked the moments she has with the Doctor as she’s amused when he gets bitten by mosquitos. I liked the last scene when Nyssa and the Doctor contemplate life in Victorian London.

Peter Davison is superb as the Doctor in this. He learns with how to deal with the fact that Adric is still alive. He never really dealt with his guilt over Adric’s ‘death’ since ‘Earthshock’. He’s shocked that Adric is still alive and has created this world where dinosaurs don’t exist and the giant scorpions rule.

The Doctor discovers Adric’s creations are built upon the remains of the space freighter and that he was responsible for Adric’s survival. He gets to share some scenes with Bea and Rupert that I liked and he uses a cricket ball to knock out one of the grandparent scorpions to save Rupert’s life! Owzat!


Harriet Walters guest stars as Beatrice Mapp (‘Bea’ for short). I remember seeing Harriet in ‘Lord Peter Wimsey’ with my parents. Bea is a Victorian novelist who joins the Doctor and Nyssa to prehistoric Earth. Bea is a woman of Victorian principles, but she’s very strong and firm in her beliefs.

Adrian Scarborough guest stars as Rupert Von Thal. Rupert seems to be a well-versed adventurer and explorer when he joins the Doctor, Nyssa and Bea on their travels. But Rupert isn’t the adventurer he seems. But he does have heroic traits and shares an interesting relationship with Bea.

Claire Wyatt and Oliver Senton play the scorpion characters. Claire plays Madam Teegarna and the Grandmother Scorpion whilst Oliver plays Kranlee; Lohkarr and the Grandfather Scorpion. The scorpions are named by Adric from people that he knew, e.g. Teegarna means ‘mouth on legs’. Hey?!

A lot of Bidmead influences from other stories are put in by Paul Maggs in his story, as it connects to Adric, including ‘Logopolis’ and ‘Castrovalva’. The Block Transfer Computation element is incorporated well, although I still don’t understand it. Nyssa also describes Adric’s city like Logopolis.

At the end of the story, the TARDIS returns to the Doctor and Nyssa in Victorian London with John Pickard as Thomas Brewster inside. It was Adric who helped to get the TARDIS back for the Doctor and Nyssa. I liked the comparisons between Adric and Brewster when they first meet in the TARDIS.

bf110-insert - LARGE

‘The Boy That Time Forgot’ is an exciting story with the Doctor and Nyssa in it. It a bizarre story and very extraordinary and extravagant, but I found it very appealing. I liked the return of Adric by Manuel/Andrew Sachs and Sarah and Peter deliver excellent performances as the Doctor and Nyssa!

The CD extras are as follows. On Disc 1, there’s a trailer for ‘The Doomwood Curse’ with Colin Baker and India Fisher. At the end of Discs 1 and 2, there are behind-the-scenes interviews with cast and crew including Peter Davison; Sarah Sutton; Andrew Sachs; Harriet Walter and Adrian Scarborough.

I really enjoyed hearing Peter and Sarah interviewed together, as they’re great interacting with each other. I found it interesting when they commented about doing the DVD commentaries and the possibility of doing commentaries on the Big Finish audios. That would be so exciting if they did that.


‘The Boy That Time Forgot’ rating – 8/10

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4 thoughts on “‘The Boy That Time Forgot’ (Audio)

  1. Timelord 007

    Do you remember i appeared in Vortex magazine asking Nick if he’d release a special edition with Matthew Waterhouse redubbing Sachs lines who’s portrayal of Adric i didn’t enjoy,, Nick said it was a crazy idea & in hindsight he was right lol.

    I’m not a fan of this story as i don’t like how Adric is portrayed, i can’t believe for one moment he’d force himself on Nyssa, i seen there relationship more brother & sister than in a romantic relationship.

    As ever Tim you’ve written another excellent review, i love the pictures you’ve included mate especially the B movie poster of the story, i just think sometimes past companions who have sacrificed themselves in epic story arcs shouldn’t be brought back.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tim Bradley Post author

    I don’t remember that actually. Do you remember what issue no it was of Vortex magazine you appeared in? I’ll have to look it up to see. Interesting idea though to have Matthew redub his lines for Adric. I can tell you don’t like Andrew Sach’s performance as Adric. It would have been nice if he played a different character in this story and/or not have Adric appear in the story at all.

    I know this story doesn’t please fans and I’ve come to understand why that is. At the time listening to this audio I rather enjoyed it. I could sense that Adric did have a crush on Nyssa when they were travelling together in the TARDIS. But I think the point is taken too far as it’s quite disturbing to imagine an old man trying to force himself on a young woman. Yes it was more brother-sister relationship between Adric and Nyssa rather than a romantic one.

    I’m glad you enjoyed my review on ‘The Boy That Time Forgot’, Simon. Glad you liked the pictures I added in my review to make it more colourful. I agree with the points fans make about Adric’s return being demeaning and not living to the somewhat ‘heroic’ demise he had in ‘Earthshock’. If I brought Adric back to life, I would write things differently compared to what Paul Magrs did. But on the whole, I found this audio entertaining.

    Many thanks for your kind comments, Simon.

    Tim. 🙂


  3. Tim Bradley Post author

    Hi Simon.

    I found the Vortex issue where you asked about Matthew Waterhouse re-dubbing Adric’s lines for ‘The Boy That Time Forgot’. It’s Issue #55. I read the letter and Nick Briggs’ reply. I have to agree with Nick. It is a ‘crazy’ idea! 😀

    Tim. 🙂



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