‘The Lions of Trafalgar’ (ST/Audio)



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Stone Lions and Nelson’s Column with the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan

This story is by Jason Arnopp. It features the Fifth Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan; and is read by Peter Davison. This was the short story I’d been looking forward to in ‘Short Trips – Volume IV’. I enjoyed this little tale as it’s set in nineteenth century London and is about stone lions and Nelson’s Column.

It was interesting how the story progressed with the Doctor climbing up Nelson’s Column to deal with the two contractors, Samuel Morton Peto and Thomas Grissell, who are possessed by aliens causing trouble. The Doctor is determined to persuade Peto and Grissell to break out of the aliens’ control.

I enjoyed Nyssa and Tegan’s story as they watched the Doctor climbing up Nelson’s Column and became worried about him, before they got chased by stone lions that come to life. It was intriguting that the other people in London couldn’t see the stone lions coming to life and were getting killed by them.

I’ve never visited Nelson’s Column in London, so it was interesting to learn about a historical monument and how events played out in the nineteenth century of London affecting what occurs later on in the future. I like how the Doctor makes the connections and explains it all to Nyssa and Tegan.

Peter Davison reads the story wonderfully well and I like the voices he gives to Nyssa and Tegan, capturing Janet Fielding and Sarah Sutton’s tones. The voice that Peter provides for the aliens called the Sevakrill is given a distorted effect and the concept that Nelson’s Column is a missile was interesting.

‘The Lions of Trafalgar’ rating – 8/10

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