‘The Moderator’ (Comic)


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The Moderator with the Fifth Doctor and Gus

This is a three-part adventure by Steve Parkhouse with artwork by Steve Dillon. I found this comic story rather unsatisfying and anti-climactic, since it was written and drawn under pressure at the time. It’s also not a great way to end the Fifth Doctor comic stories that must have been short-lived.

‘The Moderator’ features the first appearance of Josiah W. Dogbolter. He’s a half-man, half-frog businessman who’s ruthless. He would later appear in the Sixth Doctor comic adventures. Something tragic happens when Gus gets killed in the story. The Doctor is far from happy about this.

I’ve enjoyed reading the Fifth Doctor’s adventures in comic land. The first three stories set in Stockbridge are my favourite out of the collection. I don’t usually read many ‘Doctor Who’ comics, but it was amazing to experience and discover these adventures in ‘The Tides of Time’ graphic novel.

‘The Moderator’ rating – 5/10

‘The Tides of Time’ (Graphic Novel) rating – 8/10

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