‘Wet Walls’ (ST/Audio)


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Wet Walled House with the Fifth Doctor and Peri

This story is by Mathilde Madden. It features the Fifth Doctor and Peri and is read by Peter Davison. This is an intriguing and quite engaging story where the Doctor and Peri visit a mad Lady Catherine in her mansion in Shropshire, 1903. I believe on a second listen, I found it to be a better tale than ever.

In the story, the Doctor and Peri get to the mansion whilst it’s raining after they arrive via TARDIS to meet the housekeeper Gretchin. Gretchin tells the Doctor and Peri to go away, but when ‘she’ hears that the Doctor is a ‘doctor’, ‘she’ invites the TARDIS duo in, asking them to help out Lady Catherine.

Apparently Lady Catherine can see the walls being wet at night. Gretchin is disbelieving of this. When the Doctor and Peri stay overnight, it turns out the walls are wet at night. But only Peri and Lady Catherine can see the walls being wet. The Doctor can’t. This was pretty unusual to listen to. 😐

It turns out there is a pregnancy going on as Lady Catherine can sense it very strongly, being at the epicentre of it all. The Doctor and Peri discover the alien that is causing the pregnancy, which is a jelly-like Calopia. Apparently the Calopia were using Lady Catherine’s house to create the child here.

Very soon, Gretchin – who turns out to be a man, not a woman – shoots the Calopia pilot before twins are born out of the house. But the house doesn’t get destroyed thankfully. Peter Davison gives a superb reading of the story, especially once he voices his Doctor and Peri throughout as characters.

‘Wet Walls’ rating – 8/10

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