‘A Long Night’ (ST)

Short Trips Companions


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‘A Long Night’ with Barbara and the First Doctor

This story is by Alison Lawson and features Barbara and the First Doctor. This story is about Barbara’s mum, Joan, who mourns for the loss of her daughter after her disappearance in ‘An Unearthly Child’.

I like that scene where Barbara wakes up from having a vivid dream about her mum and she meets the Doctor in the TARDIS console room. She tells him about the dream and the Doctor comforts her.

‘Short Trips: Companions’ has been a great collection of short stories to read in ‘Doctor Who’. These short trips are great to read on holiday whenever you want a bit of ‘Doctor Who’ to enjoy and relax to. This is the first ‘short trips’ book I’ve read. I hope it’s not the last, as I’d like to read more of these.

‘A Long Night’ rating – 9/10

‘Short Trips: Companions’ (Book) rating – 7/10

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