‘A Star Is Born’ (ST/Audio)



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Metraxi with the First Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan

Here is ‘Short Trips: Volume IV’! Another CD full of ‘Doctor Who’ Short Trip audios for fans to enjoy!

I’ve been collecting Short Trip anthologies in books and on audio out of personal interest. Whether one story features my favourite ‘Doctor Who’ companion or whether I receive a story for free as a Big Finish subscriber, I enjoy these short tales from my favourite TV series. These can be an acquired taste.

‘Short Trips: Volume IV’ of ‘Doctor Who’ was released in 2011 and it contains eight short stories featuring the first eight Doctor from the classic series that have appeared in the Big Finish audios. I purchased this CD in 2016 since there is a Short Trip audio in the collection that I wanted to hear a lot.

As ‘Short Trips: Volume IV’ is a 2-disc CD set, the first four stories are on Disc 1 whilst the second four stories are on Disc 2. The eight stories are as follows. There’s ‘A Star Is Born’; ‘Penny Wise, Pound Foolish’; ‘Lost in the Wakefield Triangle’; ‘The Old Rogue’; ‘The Lions of Trafalgar’; ‘To Cut a Blade of Grass’; ‘The Shadow Trader’ and ‘Quantum Heresy’. I have my favourites out of this eight story CD set.

Like all Short Trips collections, there is something for everyone in this CD collection with each of the eight Doctors. Each of the Short Trips is read by an actor or an actress who has played a Doctor or a companion in the series. Some of these Short Trips are by people new to ‘Doctor Who’ and Big Finish.

The first story, ‘A Star Is Born’, is by Richard Dinnick. It features the First Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan; and is read by William Russell. I enjoyed this story about the TARDIS responding to a distress signal from a ship containing a dying race of aliens. Can the Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan help them?

I could sense an atmosphere of ‘The Sensorites’ somehow in this short story and there are also similarities to ’42’ with the alien spaceship heading towards a sun. The story develops gradually with the aliens meeting the TARDIS regulars and it was interesting how it was seen from their point of view.

The aliens featured in this short story are called the Metraxi. That’s not to be confused with the Metatraxi, a race of warrior insects that featured in ‘The Lost Season 27’ with Sylvester McCoy’s Seventh Doctor. The Metraxi are a seal-like species. They sound odd with William Russell voicing them.

It was tense when the Doctor realised who it was that sabotaged the Metraxi spaceship on its way to the sun. The Doctor gets angry about the culprit’s actions and it was interesting how they got revealed. It was also interesting when it turned out that Greneva, the female Metraxi, is revealed to be pregnant.

William Russell does a fine reading of this short story with the First Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan. I like how the story feels authentic for that period of ‘Doctor Who’ from the early 1960s. Bill Russell’s voice for the First Doctor is not as great as Peter Purves’, but it is still pretty enjoyable to listen to here.

‘A Star Is Born’ rating – 8/10

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