‘Journey Out of Terror’ (TS)


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A Fictional World with the First Doctor, Ian and Barbara

This story is by Simon Guerrier and it features the First Doctor, Ian and Barbara. I’ve met Simon in real-life at conventions. He’s written plenty of ‘Doctor Who’ stories by Big Finish for the First and Second Doctor eras. Simon also co-edited ‘The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who’ anthology book. 😀

‘Journey Out of Terror’ is intriguing. It takes place between the fourth and fifth episodes of ‘The Chase’, one of my favourite First Doctor stories. I’ve even reviewed the story’s Target novelization/audiobook. The title is a reference to the story’s fourth episode, ‘Journey into Terror’. 🙂

In the story, the Doctor, Ian and Barbara realise they’ve lost Vicki. They try to find a way to get Vicki back. They soon enter into a fictional world where they meet a girl called Julia Jett and her dog Bunny. The girl and her dog seem to have been taken from a comic strip featured in a book Ian read.

I like how Simon Guerrier makes a connection to the book Ian read in the TARDIS at the start of ‘The Chase’ called ‘Monsters From Outer Space!’ It’s also intriguing how the story focuses on the guilt Barbara, Ian and the First Doctor felt when abandoning Vicki at that haunted house in ‘The Chase’. 😐

The story is told in the first person from mostly two perspectives – namely Barbara and Ian. I like this approach by Simon Guerrier. It’s reminiscent of ‘The Companion Chronicles’ format and it puts me in mind of my own story ‘The Victorian Vampires’. The story’s narrated by Julia in the closing moments.

‘Journey Out of Terror’ rating – 8/10

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