‘Rise and Fall’ (ST/Audio)



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The First Doctor and Ian on a World with an Accelerated Timestream

‘Short Trips: Volume I’ is a perfect ‘Doctor Who’ audio CD to listen to in the car for holidays!

Short Trips from Big Finish are an acquired taste in ‘Doctor Who’. I’ve grown with getting into them. I’ve enjoyed listening to them when I have them on my MP3 player; CD player or on a computer. I also enjoy hearing them in the car and reading a Short Trips book collection in bed at home or on holiday.

‘Short Trips: Volume I’ of ‘Doctor Who’ was released in 2010 and it contains eight short stories featuring the first eight classic Doctors from the classic series that have appeared in the Big Finish audios. I purchased the CD in 2014. I enjoyed it at home and on holiday with my parents in the car. 😀

As ‘Short Trips: Volume I’ is a 2-disc set, the first four stories are on Disc 1 whilst the second four stories are on Disc 2. The eight stories are as follows. There’s ‘Rise and Fall’; ‘A Stain of Red in the Sand’; ‘A True Gentleman’; ‘Death-Dealer’; ‘The Deep’; ‘The Wings of a Butterfly’; ‘Police and Shreeves’ and ‘Running Out of Time’. Some stories are better than others and I have my favourites from this set.

There’s something for everyone in this CD collection of ‘Doctor Who’ audio Short Trips with each of the eight Doctors. Each of the Short Trips is read by an actor or an actress who has played a Doctor or a companion in the series. Some of these stories here are by talent new to ‘Doctor Who’ and Big Finish.

The first story, ‘Rise and Fall’, is by George Mann. It features the First Doctor and Ian; and is read by William Russell. The story does feature Barbara and Susan, but they only appear briefly. Susan calls Barbara into her room in the TARDIS whilst the Doctor and Ian go and explore this strange alien planet.

The story takes place after ‘The Reign of Terror’. On early listens, I did find ‘Rise and Fall’ to be rather hard-going. I lost my way most of the time in hearing this tale. Even on holiday I couldn’t get into it. I’ve been able to pay attention more recently, but I still wouldn’t say ‘Rise and Fall’ was a tremendous tale.

The issues I have with this tale are more to do with the lack of action in it. Everything happens to this strange alien world in an accelerated timeframe whilst the Doctor and Ian are simply seeing faces and don’t have much to do with what goes on in the story. They see the ‘rise and fall’ of this odd civilisation.

William Russell is a good narrator though. I enjoyed it when he did a decent voice for the First Doctor as well as playing Ian in the adventure. But even that didn’t help to make the story interesting. It’s when Pol, a scientist in the accelerate timestream, investigates the Doctor and Ian that the drama occurs.

‘Rise and Fall’ also happens to be the longest Short Trip audio in the ‘Short Trips: Volume I’ collection. I’ve been able to gain clarity on what the story’s about lately. But it still doesn’t make it good. I suppose it echoes the First Doctor era in terms of tone and atmosphere, but there should’ve been more action in it.

‘Rise and Fall’ rating – 3/10

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