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Seven Doctors – One Trap

‘Short Trips – Volume III’ is a unique collection of ‘Doctor Who’ short stories!

As I was getting into these audio Short Trips by Big Finish and enjoying them very much, I decided to go for another CD collection of these stories. Volume III of ‘Doctor Who – Short Trips’ was released in May 2011. It’s unlike any other previous CD that contains eight short tales with eight classic Doctors.

‘Short Trips – Volume III’ is extra-special as it contains a multi-Doctor story called ‘Seven to One’. It’s classed as a First Doctor story, but is divided into eight parts that intercuts between other stories of the collection. It features the first seven Doctors with the tale in reverse order from Seven to One. 🙂

The CD is a 2-disc set. Disc 1 contains the first four parts of ‘Seven to One’ as well as ‘The Five Dimensional Man’, ‘Pop-Up’ and ‘The Wondrous Box’. Disc 2 contains the second four parts of ‘Seven to One’ as well as ‘Wet Walls’, ‘Murmurs of Earth’, ‘The Riparian Ripper’ and ‘All the Fun of the Fair’.

The structure of the CD goes like this. On Disc 1, it’s ‘Part One’ of ‘Seven to One’; ‘The Five Dimensional Man’; ‘Part Two’ of ‘Seven to One’; ‘Pop-Up’; ‘Part Three’ of ‘Seven to One’; ‘The Wondrous Box’ and ‘Part Four’ of ‘Seven to One’. On Disc 2, it’s ‘Wet World’; ‘Part Five’ of ‘Seven to One’; ‘Murmurs of Earth’; ‘Part Six’ of ‘Seven to One’; ‘The Riparian Ripper’; ‘Part Seven’ of ‘Seven to One’; ‘All the Fun of the Fair’ and ‘Part Eight’ of ‘Seven to One’. Quite a complicated structure, right?

The sleeve notes for the 2-disc CD set is misleading. ‘Seven to One’ is not all narrated by William Russell. The narration is shared between Nicholas Briggs and William Russell. Nick Briggs reads the first six parts of ‘Seven to One’ whilst William Russell reads the last two. Intriguing way they did that.

Despite the disjointed structure of the stories in the CD collection, ‘Short Trips – Volume III’ has been exciting to listen to. Each story is interjected by segments of one overarching multi-doctor adventure. It’s rare for this to happen in a Short Trips collection, but it was an intriguing experiment.

You probably need to rip all the audio tracks of the 2 CDs on your computer via Windows Media Player or something to compile the complete story of ‘Seven to One’ in order to listen to it in one go. That’s what I need to do when it comes to listening to the complete story of ‘Seven to One’ on audio.

‘Seven to One’ is by Simon Miller. ‘Part One’ features the Seventh Doctor and Ace and is read by Nicholas Briggs. I like how Nick Briggs voiced the Seventh Doctor and Ace, sounding like Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred. The duo deal with some android before the Doctor falls through a door…

‘Part Two’ of the story features the Sixth Doctor and Peri and is read by Nicholas Briggs. Again, I enjoyed Nick Briggs’ voices for the Sixth Doctor and Peri, sounding like Colin Baker and Nicola Bryant. As before, the Doctor and Peri deal with an android before the Doctor falls through a door…

‘Part Three’ of the story features the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa and is read by Nicholas Briggs. It was lovely to hear Nick voice Peter Davison’s Doctor and Sarah Sutton’s Nyssa. I wish it was the real Nyssa here. The Doctor has attended to an android already at the start before he falls through a door…

‘Part Four’ of the story features the Fourth Doctor and Romana II (I believe) and is read by Nicholas Briggs. Nick Briggs does it again with a good voice for Tom Baker’s Doctor as well as for Romana. Like before, the Doctor’s attended to an android in a Douglas Adams style before he falls through a door…

‘Part Five’ of the story features the Third Doctor and Jo and is read by Nicholas Briggs. In this segment, Jon Pertwee’s Doctor and Jo use wit to outwit the android guarding the door. The Doctor uses his aikido to knock out the android into a hole in the ground. 🙂 He soon falls through the door…

‘Part Six’ of the story features the Second Doctor and Jamie and is read by Nicholas Briggs. The Doctor persuades the android to shoot itself with its gun when it claims to have impenetrable armour. This helps to knock the android out. And this is all before the Doctor falls through the door…

‘Part Seven’ of the story features the First Doctor and Susan and is read by William Russell. This story’s segment ends differently. Instead of falling through the door, the Doctor steps to one side and Susan ends up falling through the door. It seems that the Doctor’s companions were imposters…

‘Part Eight’ of the story has the first seven Doctors restored and put back in their own times and places in the universe. This segment is read by William Russell with a little bit of Nicholas Briggs voicing a character. Although not named here, I wonder if those entities were the White and Black Guardians.

‘Short Trips – Volume III’, whilst unusual, is a very exciting ‘Doctor Who’ CD release. I enjoyed hearing all eight stories with ‘Seven to One’ interjecting between the remaining seven stories with its eight parts. You might find it baffling first; but once you get into this CD, you’ll enjoy the experience.

On Disc 2 of ‘Short Trips: Volume III’, there’s a ‘coming soon’ trailer for ‘Short Trips: Volume IV’.

‘Seven to One’ rating – 7/10

‘Short Trips: Volume III’ rating – 7/10

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