‘The Little Drummer Boy’ (ST/Audio)

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Little Robert and Christmas with the First Doctor, Steven and Sara

This story is by Eddie Robson and features the First Doctor, Steven and Sara. This is a terrific tale set during ‘The Daleks’ Master Plan’. It predates many timey-wimey stories from the Steven Moffat era and it classes as being a Christmas special within the Short Trips that’s so enjoyable to read and hear.

The story focuses on a little boy named Robert who keeps appearing wherever the TARDIS goes since they left the movie set in ‘The Feast of Steven’. The Doctor, Steven and Sara strangely end up on Christmas Day in different time zones and they wonder why. They learn the answer from Robert.

I like how this short story takes the Doctor, Steven and Sara to various time-zones on Earth on many Christmases. The standout moment is when the TARDIS lands on the World War I battlefield on Christmas Day 1914 where the British and German troops stop the fighting and celebrate Christmas.

I enjoyed it when the Doctor, Steven and Sara gradually realise that Robert is behind all this with them ending up on Christmas Day every time the TARDIS lands. I liked it when Sara encounters Robert in World War I. He’s dressed as a soldier and plays with a toy gun and he tells her to lie down.

It transpires that Robert is the time machine and it was interesting when it was revealed how he ended up inside the time machine and how the history of his family was unveiled. The story is rather sad to read/listen to, but it ends on a reassuring note with the Doctor giving Robert a brand new life.

There is an audiobook of this tale read by Beth Chalmers, who plays Raine Creevy with the Seventh Doctor. It was released to Big Finish subscribers with ‘The Demons of Red Lodge and Other Stories’. I enjoyed Beth Chalmers’ reading of this tale and like her impersonation of the First Doctor in the tale.

N.B. Since writing this review, Big Finish have now re-released ‘The Little Drummer Boy’ audio as one of the Short Trip Rarities on their website. You can now purchase ‘The Little Drummer Boy’ as an audio download from Big Finish.

‘The Little Drummer Boy’ rating – 10/10

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