‘Conundrum’ (Annual/Audio)



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In Möbian space with the Fourth Doctor, Adric and K-9

‘Conundrum’ is the fourth story featured in ‘The Doctor Who Audio Annual’. It’s taken from the 1982 ‘Doctor Who Annual’ and is read by Matthew Waterhouse. Matthew plays Adric in the ‘Doctor Who’ TV series and the Big Finish audios. He’s also read a number of ‘Doctor Who’ audiobooks before this.

The story features the Fourth Doctor, Adric and K-9. This was intriguing in terms of the story’s placement in the Fourth Doctor’s timeline. The model of K-9 accompanying the Doctor and Adric is the Mark III one. It’s the one the Doctor built for Sarah Jane in ‘K-9 & Company: A Girl’s Best Friend’.

I’m also assuming the 1982 ‘Doctor Who Annual’ stories featuring the Fourth Doctor, Adric and K-9 MkIII take place between ‘The Keeper of Traken’ and ‘Logopolis’. Mind you, there is some confusion when the Doctor makes reference to the fact that he, Adric and K-9 are still in some part of E-Space.

Perhaps the Doctor’s getting forgetful by this point especially since ‘Conundrum’ is the second story of the 1982 ‘Doctor Who Annual’. Anyway, the story takes place all inside the TARDIS. The Doctor, Adric and K-9 find themselves trapped in Möbian space as the TARDIS goes through warped physics.

I found the story well-read by Matthew Waterhouse and he provides an interesting voice for Tom Baker’s Doctor. He also does fine for K-9’s voice too with the ring modulator on. Mind you, I did find ‘Conundrum’ a rather confusing tale. It’s a story that would work well for the Season 18 atmosphere.

‘Conundrum’ rating – 6/10

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