‘Only Connect’ (ST/Audio)

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‘Only Connect’ with the Fourth Doctor

This story is by Andy Lane and it features the Fourth Doctor. This is a nice little tale about an architect named James Willaker who gets a taxi home from work and his driver is in fact the Doctor.

I liked the interaction that Willaker has with the Doctor. Both talk about time travel and changing history. Not much action happens in this tale and I don’t know why the Doctor becomes a taxi driver.

There is an audiobook of this tale that is read by John Banks, who’s done plenty of Big Finish audios for ‘Doctor Who’. It was released to Big Finish subscribers with ‘1001 Nights’.

N.B. Since writing this review, Big Finish have now re-released the ‘Only Connect’ audio as one of the Short Trip Rarities on their website. You can now purchase ‘Only Connect’ as an audio download from Big Finish.

‘Only Connect’ rating – 7/10

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