‘Punting’ (TS)


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In the Time Vortex with the Fourth Doctor and Romana

This is a fascinating entry in ‘The Target Storybook’. ‘Punting’ is by Susie Day, who makes her first ‘Doctor Who’ contribution, I believe. It takes place during the events of ‘The Five Doctors’ where Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor and Lalla Ward’s Romana were ‘scooped’ up by the Time Scoop during ‘Shada’. 🙂

Now, I like this approach to the story. It’s good we get to see what happened to the Fourth Doctor and Romana when they were ‘scooped’ up by the Time Scoop and they get to see the events of ‘The Five Doctors’ from their point of view. It fills in the gap of the absent Fourth Doctor during that story.

I don’t think the way Susie Day did it is one I would’ve gone with though. Don’t get me wrong. In my opinion, ‘Punting’ is better than ‘The Clean Air Act’. There’s actual character interaction between the Fourth Doctor and Romana here. But I did feel the story got confusing once it reached its conclusion.

There are appearances of the Master; the First Doctor; the Second Doctor; the Brigadier; the Third Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith as well as a confrontation with a Yeti during the story. But I wish we could’ve had the Fourth Doctor and Romana interacting with those characters. Not just see them in the time vortex. 😦

Borusa does appear in the story too and we get to have an intriguing insight on how the other faces that played the game of Rassilon interacted with him once turned into stone. In the end however, ‘Punting’ became pretty average which is a shame. I did enjoy the tale when reading halfway into it.

‘Punting’ rating – 6/10

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