‘Star Beast II’ (YB/Comic)


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Beep the Meep Again with the Fourth Doctor

At the time of this review, believe me when I say that I will get around to reading ‘Doctor Who and the Star Beast’ comic story featuring the Fourth Doctor as well as hear the audio adaptation of it with Tom Baker. In the meantime, let me share what I think of ‘Star Beast II’, the sequel to the story.

‘Star Beast II’ was featured in the ‘Doctor Who Yearbook’ of 1996. It had the Fourth Doctor in it as well as brief cameo of K-9, who we don’t get to see but we do hear in this! 😡 It also features the return of Beep the Meep. Apparently, Beep is a popular villain in the ‘Doctor Who’ comics by ‘DWM’.

The story is by Gary Gillatt and was drawn by Martin Geraghty. In the story, Beep gets freed on parole after 15 years of incarceration for his crimes. But Beep is far from redeemed as he goes to Earth to collect a spare Black Sun drive since it was removed from his ship. He heads for Blackcastle!

The Fourth Doctor, in his Season 18 outfit, ends up in Blackcastle too, where he first met his companion Sharon. He hoped to attend her wedding on Unicepter IV, but ends up in the wrong place. The Doctor sees a ‘Lassie’ film at a cinema before he’s met by Beep, to detonate a grenade. 😮

I did enjoy ‘Star Beast II’. I have to check out the first ‘Star Beast’ story in comic and audio forms in order to appreciate Beep the Meep as a villain. There’s clearly a lot of love by Gary Gillatt in his writing of this tale. He brings in nostalgic references from previous Fourth Doctor comics by ‘DWM’.

‘Star Beast II’ rating – 7/10

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