‘The Wondrous Box’ (ST/Audio)


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Circus and Elephants with the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane

This story is by Juliet Boyd. It features the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane and is read by Louise Jameson. This is quite a moving story that features a circus; elephants and someone stealing the TARDIS. I’m not quite sure why the person stole the TARDIS as he was pretty fascinated by its arrival.

The setting is at St Thomas on the 15th September 1885. The Doctor and Sarah Jane don’t realise the date until the very end. Apparently, it’s a significant date when an elephant – Jumbo the Elephant – gets killed on a train track. The elephant ends up as this stuff animal and our duo see it in a museum.

The person who stole the TARDIS for a short while is a man called Benjamin Jackson. And that’s not Ben Jackson who ended up as the First and Second Doctor’s companions by the way. 😀 Benjamin wants the TARDIS for a circus act, but is quite overwhelmed when he manages to get inside the ship.

I was surprised that Benjamin managed to get inside the TARDIS with a key. I thought that wouldn’t be possible. Benjamin doesn’t actually get to interact with the Doctor and Sarah Jane in the tale, although he’s there when Jumbo the Elephant is killed on the train track since he moved the TARDIS.

Louise Jameson is very good voicing Tom Baker’s Doctor and Sarah Jane in the story. It’s sad that this story was released in the same year that Elisabeth Sladen had passed away in 2011. As well as Jumbo the Elephant, there’s Tom Thumb. There’s also a character called Jimmy who helps Benjamin.

‘The Wondrous Box’ rating – 7/10

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