‘The Turning of the Tide’ (TS)


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Cask Men with Corin (?!) and Rose

Another unusual entry in ‘The Target Storybook’, except this story does feature the Doctor in it. Well, sort of. It’s the Meta-Crisis Doctor who was born from the severed of the Tenth Doctor in ‘Journey’s End’. The story also has Rose Tyler in it as she spends her life with the Meta-Crisis Doctor.

‘The Turning of the Tide’ is by Jenny T. Colgan, who has written a fair amount of Tenth Doctor stories for audio and books. She even novelized ‘The Christmas Invasion’. The Meta-Crisis Doctor has also had his share of Short Trip audio appearances including ‘The Siege of Big Ben’ and ‘Flight into Hull’. 🙂

Apparently, Jenny T. Colgan decided to do a different approach on how to tell the Meta-Crisis Doctor’s story after the events of ‘Journey’s End’ as opposed to the Big Finish audios. For one thing, the Doctor is not called ‘the Doctor’ in this story. He’s called Corin since Rose prefers to call him that.

I actually don’t like the name Corin. Wouldn’t it be better to call him Doctor instead? In the story, the Doctor and Rose help a little metal worm whom they name Clark (after Clark Kent from Superman) as well as help themselves once the invasion of the Cask Men is about to take place here.

The story was fascinating to read in the first two acts though I did find the third act rather underwhelming. I also found this story longer than ‘The Dark River’. It was intriguing to read the Doctor’s struggles with being half-Time Lord, half-human as well as Rose about to have their baby. 😀

‘The Turning of the Tide’ rating – 7/10

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