‘Night of the Whisper’ (DOTD) (Audio)

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Tribute for Christopher Eccleston – Celebrating 50 Years of ‘Doctor Who’

September 2013. It’s time to celebrate the Ninth Doctor era of ‘Doctor Who’ with Christopher Eccleston!

I enjoyed September 2013. It was a happy month as I listened to ‘1963: Fanfare for the Common Men’ with Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton. I also had a fantastic weekend at the ‘Regenerations 2013’ convention in Swansea. I was also celebrating the Christopher Eccleston era of ‘Doctor Who’.

In 2005, I did my GCSEs. But I also watched the new series of ‘Doctor Who’ with Christopher Eccleston. The first ‘Doctor Who’ episode I watched was ‘Dalek’. I then saw ‘Aliens of London’/’World War Three’; ‘The Empty Child’/’The Doctor Dances’ and ‘Bad Wolf’/’The Parting of the Ways’ on DVD.

Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor was funny; brilliant and full of energy. I always looked forward to his adventures with Rose Tyler when fighting the Slitheen, the Daleks, the Jagrafess and the gas masked zombies who kept asking “Are you my mummy?” It’s an era I miss terribly and enjoyed re-watching.

For the 50th anniversary of ‘Doctor Who’, I wrote my personal fan-fiction story with the Ninth Doctor; Rose and Captain Jack to celebrate the Ninth Doctor era. It was great and fun to write that.

The ‘Destiny of the Doctor’ series, produced by Big Finish and AudioGo, continues with the Ninth Doctor in ‘Night of the Whisper’ by Mark Wright and Cavan Scott. It’s set on an alien moon called New Vegas in the 23rd century and features the Ninth Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack, who I love as a TARDIS team.

This story has the Doctor; Rose and Captain Jack go undercover. The Doctor gets to be a police investigator, Rose a waitress and Jack a news reporter. They’re trying to catch a dangerous vigilante called the Whisper who kills those who commit the crime and is onto a dangerous gangster called Wolfsbane.

As with previous stories in the ‘DOTD’ series (previously with ‘Enemy Aliens’), this story is narrated and performed by an actor/actress who was in the TV series with a guest star as a supporting character. ‘Night of the Whisper’ is performed by Nicholas Briggs who is the voice of the Daleks in the TV series and guest stars John Schwab as McNeil.

I’ve had the CD cover of ‘Night of the Whisper’ signed by Nicholas Briggs, who I saw at the ‘Cardiff Film and Comic Con’ in March 2014. I also had the CD cover signed by co-writer Cavan Scott, who I met at ‘Big Finish Day 6’ in Slough, January 2015. It was great to see both these guys at conventions.

Cavan Scott and Mark Wright have recreated the Ninth Doctor era superbly in this story with futuristic settings, flying cars and sonic screwdriver buzzing to the last detail. Some of the dialogue and exposition is very modern and full of street cred which is how I remember the Ninth Doctor era.

I had a nice chat with co-writer Cavan Scott when I saw him at ‘Big Finish Day 6’ in January 2015. I commended him and Mark Wright for doing such a grand job recreating the Ninth Doctor era in this story. I suggested that they should write more Ninth Doctor adventures, if asked again by Big Finish.

I have to say I was rather sad and disappointed to discover that Billie Piper or John Barrowman weren’t willing or able to read this story. It would have been so nice to have heard Billie’s voice on audio as Rose. John has also read an audiobook before for a ‘Torchwood’ novel called ‘Another Life’.

But Nick Briggs isn’t the wrong person to read this tale. Oh no! Nick Briggs has done the voice for the Daleks in two very popular ‘Doctor Who’ stories and does a very convincing Ninth Doctor. Nick had read an audiobook for the BBC novel called ‘The Clockwise Man’ for AudioGo with the Ninth Doctor.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Nick Briggs at ‘Doctor Who’ conventions. He’s a very a nice, friendly guy and I enjoyed chatting to him. He has a great range of voices, considering he does the monsters for the new series as well as for Big Finish. His voice for Wolfsbane is so grizzling and scary.

I enjoyed the Ninth Doctor in this adventure. He’s on top form with the action sequences and I liked it when he’s having a laugh with Rose and Captain Jack. The Ninth Doctor gets enraged when he learns the truth about the Whisper and McNeil, which put me in mind of how powerful Chris’ Doctor was.

I enjoyed Rose Tyler in this adventure too. I enjoyed the relationship Rose had with the Ninth Doctor and how she stopped him from going into a rage. I liked it when she was going to give the Doctor ‘such a slap’ for being a waitress at the Full Moon and was thrilled when Rose saved the Doctor’s life.

It was great to hear Captain Jack Harkness in this adventure too. This is Jack before he got exterminated by the Daleks and before he joined Torchwood. Jack, as I remember him, was a cocky; flirty and outspoken and it was a nice to hear him have an adventure on his own as a news reporter.

There’s a mention/reference of ‘bad wolf’ in this audio adventure, if you know where to find it. It got me thrilled to bits when I heard it and I was pleased how it recreated the Ninth Doctor era superbly.

John Schwab (who appeared in ‘Dalek’) guest stars as McNeil and is also very good. McNeil is a character who is obsessed with upholding the law and serving justice on New Vegas. I liked the scenes where he suspects the Doctor as a police inspector and about Rose’s time on New Vegas.

The Eleventh Doctor’s involvement in this story made me laugh and got me hooked when he sent a message to the Ninth Doctor to keep McNeil alive. I was looking forward to find out why McNeil had to be kept alive and what the other messages sent by the Eleventh Doctor were about in this series.

There aren’t any CD extras, apart from the Ninth Doctor’s biography in the CD sleeve notes. If you purchase the complete ‘DOTD’ series as a bundle from Big Finish, there’s a behind-the-scenes making-of documentary on the series called ‘Meeting with Destiny’ with ‘The Time Machine’.

‘Night of the Whisper’ is a ‘fantastic’ story to recreate the Ninth Doctor era of ‘Doctor Who’. Nick Briggs has done a wonderful job reading this story and the spirit of the new series shines. If you want to have the full experience of the Ninth Doctor era again, then go to Cardiff Bay and buy some chips.

‘Night of the Whisper’ (DOTD) rating – 9/10

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5 thoughts on “‘Night of the Whisper’ (DOTD) (Audio)

  1. IWishIHadATardis

    Hi Tim

    I really liked reading your review of Night Whisper.

    I liked the reminiscences about the era of Christopher Eccleston on tv; I think he made a good Doctor, and it’s such a shame he left after such a short time, and hasn’t returned in some media as the Doctor. It would be nice to think that one day he will do so.

    I have to admit I didn’t really care for this story very much. I usually like Cavan Scott and Mark Wright’s work, but I felt this story didn’t really work very well for me.

    I liked the complexities of the story, and the Doctor, Rose and Jack’s involvement. I think the setting, and the rather gangster-style story narrative really didn’t appeal so much to me. A shame, but I’m very glad you enjoyed it.

    I really enjoyed reading your review of this story, Tim, thanks.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tim Bradley Post author

    Hi Leigh.

    I’m glad you enjoyed reading my review of ‘Night of the Whisper’. I’m amazed my ‘DOTD’ reviews have worked so well on my blog and I’ve had some likes and nice feedback from people like you on all of the ‘DOTD’ stories I’ve reviewed. It was good timing to do that over Easter, I think. I’m wondering how I’ll top that with Easter 2017. 😀

    Yes the Ninth Doctor was a happy and successful period of ‘Doctor Who’, especially when the show triumphantly returned in 2005. I’m sad that Chris Eccleston didn’t do more than one season as he would have had some great stories if he at least did two or three seasons compared to one. I’m sad that he didn’t return to do the 50th anniversary special with David Tennant and Matt Smith as it would have been nice and fitting to have him in that since he helped bring the show back to TV.

    Chris sort of played the Doctor again in a lovely message to a fan recently. Here’s the YouTube video for you to see in case you haven’t seen it. It was very touching and kind-hearted of Chris to do that for this fan

    Oh I’m sorry to hear that this story didn’t work well for you as a Ninth Doctor story. I thought that Cavan Scott and Mark Wright did a great job in re-creating the Ninth Doctor era in this story. Each to its own in terms of taste of a Ninth Doctor story, I suppose. I wished it was Billie Piper or John Barrowman who read this story for the Ninth Doctor era, but I’m glad Nick Briggs read this as he does a really good Ninth Doctor doesn’t he?

    I’m glad you liked how the Doctor; Rose and Jack get involved in the story. Yes, I suppose the gangster-environment of the story seemed far-fetched in some respects, but it seemed to make sense for me and it suited the atmosphere of a 2005 ‘Doctor Who’ story for me.

    Thanks for your kind comments, Leigh. Glad you enjoyed my review.

    Tim. 🙂


  3. Timelord 007

    Tim Bradley meets Nick Briggs lol, i love the picture mate.

    Excellent story this by Cav & Mark, very fast paced & dramatic & keeps you on your toes & ole Briggsys vocal mannerisms capture the Ninth Doctor brilliantly.

    As ever a detailed informative review that sums up this gem of a story brilliantly.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Tim Bradley Post author

    Hi Simon.

    Glad you like my pic with Nick Briggs. He’s a great guy to meet and talk to at conventions.

    I’m glad you like this Ninth Doctor story as well by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright. I wouldn’t mind another Ninth Doctor story by those two on audio. I greatly enjoyed Nick Briggs’ interpretation of the Ninth Doctor and it felt like Chris Eccleston was in the story itself.

    Glad you enjoyed my review on this story. Thank you for your kind comments.

    Tim. 🙂


  5. IWishIHadATardis

    Hi Tim

    I think the DOTD reviews are all very good on your blog, and I’ve enjoyed reading them all so far; looking forward to reading the rest of them.

    Do you think you’ve set the bar high for yourself, to top that at Easter 2017? You’ll have to think of something really good!

    It was great to see Doctor Who return on tv, and I think Christopher Eccleston was a great ambassador at the time, bringing the show back in great style. It is a real shame that he didn’t stay for longer, and that he hasn’t involved himself in Doctor Who since then, but one day he may return, who knows?

    I did see that video of him with the fan, I thought that was very nice, and shows him to be a very thoughtful person.

    I think the story was not so great for me, partly because of the gangster-type setting, which didn’t really work for me. It was very well performed, though, and it definitely fitted well into the DOTD arc, so it was only that, for me, I felt it wasn’t so enjoyable as many of the others in the series.

    It would have been good to have Billie Piper or John Barrowman perform the story, definitely! Nick Briggs does do a very good Ninth Doctor, I agree, and he always does audio stories very well.

    Thanks, Tim.


    Liked by 1 person


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