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Jackie Tyler and the Glubby Glubs

‘Retail Therapy’ by James Goss features the Ninth Doctor and Rose with Jackie Tyler. In this story, Jackie becomes a success when she sells these Glubby Glubs to all of her friends in the Powell Estate.

Camille Coduri returns as Jackie Tyler for this audio adventure. It was great to hear Jackie again as she’s so familiar for being Rose’s mum in the ‘Doctor Who’ TV series as well as the Ninth Doctor era.

Hearing Camille’s voice as Jackie in this audio adventure felt like she’d never been away. It was funny to hear Jackie going on talking about domestic stuff when she sells those Glubby Glubs to everyone.

Jackie rambles on when she talks about ordinary everyday stuff in her flat when the Doctor and Rose are around. Mind you, it does get silly when she keeps on and the Doctor and Rose don’t interrupt her.

In the story, the Doctor is convinced the Glubby Glubs that Jackie is selling are to be used for an alien invasion. Rose finds this very hard to believe. But with her help, the Doctor begins to investigate this.

This audio adventure could be considered a typical kitchen-sink, soap opera like drama. This is especially when Jackie’s in the story and she has long dialogue scenes with the Doctor and Rose in it.

I like how Jackie’s character gets explored in this episode, especially in terms of the reasons why she’s selling these Glubby Glubs and be a success. She wants to impress Rose away from the Doctor.

There’s a scene between Jackie and the Doctor where they’re sitting outside the TARDIS on deck-chairs. Jackie gets to express her frustration to the Doctor on how she finds him disapproving of her.

It’s clear that the Ninth Doctor and Jackie didn’t get on well in the TV series. I enjoyed how this gets addressed during the audio tale and how Jackie talks about it right out with the Doctor in that scene.

Jackie could never afford lots of cash to give Rose trips and holidays around the holiday, since she and her daughter mostly rooted in their home. The Doctor changed that for Rose when she met him.

The Glubby Glubs business that Jackie runs is a chance for her to give the life Rose deserves. It was nice to explore in this story, as it develops Jackie’s character as well as develop the Doctor and Rose.

Regarding the Glubby Glubs themselves, they’re described as small pink egg-like objects that feel squishy and made a peculiar squeaky sound when you squeeze them. They are like little plushy toys.

The Glubby Glubs also induce a feeling of relaxation, drowsiness and memory loss to steal energy from those who purchased the items from Jackie. This affects on the Doctor and Rose in the TARDIS.

During the episode, Jackie gets to meet up with the Head of the Glubby Glub company and is offered to become their top Go-Getter. This gets achieved via false persuasive tactics by the Head on Jackie.

Fortunately however, the Doctor manages to stop the Glubby Glub company in a showdown that I don’t fully understand. It starts when the Glubby Glub in the TARDIS somehow gets to take control.

But then, the Doctor, with Jackie’s help, somehow…manages to get take control of the Head of Glubby Glubs’ body to stop the madness happening. This baffled me when I listened to the episode.

I didn’t feel this was explained enough. There should have been more time to establish how the Doctor got inside the Glubby Glub Head’s body and how he got out of it once he defeated the aliens.

Thankfully, this is made up with witty humour by James Goss to emphasise the spirit of the Ninth Doctor era. The moment when the Doctor gargles with a cup of tea and sugar had me laughing a lot.

Nicholas Briggs and Camille Coduri in ‘Retail Therapy’.

‘Retail Therapy’ is a fairly decent audio story from ‘The Ninth Doctor Chronicles’. I enjoyed Camille Coduri as Jackie Tyler in this episode, but I felt rather dissatisfied with how the story was concluded.

The CD extras are as follows. At the end of ‘Retail Therapy’, there are behind-the-scenes interviews on ‘The Ninth Doctor Chronicles’ with the cast and crew. This includes Nicholas Briggs, Bruno Langley, Camille Coduri, Laura Riseborough, writer Cavan Scott, writer Una McCormack, co-producer/writer Scott Handcock and writer James Goss.

‘The Ninth Doctor Chronicles’ is a pretty good set of audio adventures from the Ninth Doctor era. I enjoyed these audio stories and Nicholas Briggs is a great narrator and impersonator of Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor. I just wish that it was Christopher Eccleston starring in all of these audio stories.

Another disappointment with this set of audios is that there wasn’t a story with Captain Jack in it, as it would have been nice to have heard the Doctor, Rose and Jack in an adventure. On the whole though, this ‘Doctor Who’ CD collection is pretty good and it was ‘fantastic’ to have for my birthday.

‘Retail Therapy’ rating – 7/10

‘The Ninth Doctor Chronicles’ CD rating – 8/10

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2 thoughts on “‘Retail Therapy’ (Audio)

  1. Timelord 007

    I agree, four story’s in this Chronicles set & three of them concluded poorly, i enjoyed this one until that weird ending, you ain’t on your own Tim i found the ending confusing too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      Hi Simon.

      Thank goodness! I’m glad it wasn’t me who found the ending confusing. Everything beforehand was enjoyable especially with the ‘domestic’ drama in Jackie’s flat and everything else. But I got lost during the conclusion with how the Doctor saved the day and how he got control of the Glubby Glub Head’s body. It was so baffling. I’m not sure listening to the episode again will help.

      Otherwise, I enjoyed ‘The Ninth Doctor Chronicles’ from Big Finish. If only Christopher Eccleston would come back to play the Ninth Doctor that would make my day, as he was my first Doctor from the TV series.

      Glad you’ve enjoyed my latest new series ‘Doctor Who’ reviews with Nine and Ten. Hope you’ll enjoy more coming soon to my blog! 😀

      Tim. 🙂



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