‘The Hungry Night’ (SS)


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Space Barnacles and the Godspeed with the Ninth Doctor

This story is by Jonathan Morris and it features the Ninth Doctor. I enjoyed this adventure as it felt it was well-written when the Doctor was interacting with the Godspeed crew. Mind you, I did feel the beginning and the end was rushed. The Doctor didn’t feature at the end after he’d returned Locklear

‘The Hungry Night’ focuses on the Godspeed, a ship that gets caught by space barnacles that try to drain its power. The crew led by Locklear send out a distress call and the Ninth Doctor answers. After failing to destroy the space barnacles with plasma cannons, the Doctor comes with another solution.

Locklear joins the Doctor in the TARDIS. The Doctor uses the TARDIS to lure the space barnacles off the Godspeed before dumping them into an asteroid belt. It was unnerving once the TARDIS got drained of power as the space barnacles latched on. Hopefully the TARDIS is alright by the tale’s end.

Jonathan Morris writes well for the Ninth Doctor, getting his mannerisms spot on from saying “Fan-tastic!” to ‘stupid, stupid apes’. Presumably, this story takes place before the Ninth Doctor meets Rose Tyler in the TV series. There’s no reference to the Doctor fighting in the Time War to indicate that.

Locklear seems to be like the one-off companion figure for the Ninth Doctor as she commands the Godspeed in the story. I did sorry for Tobbs’ character as he gets killed early on in the tale. I enjoyed the atmosphere of this story, especially when we go inside the TARDIS with its coral desktop theme.

‘The Hungry Night’ is accompanied by the chapter called ‘The Power of the TARDIS’.

‘The Hungry Night’ rating – 8/10

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