‘The Other Side’ (Audio)


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Adam’s First Adventure in the TARDIS with the Doctor and Rose

‘The Other Side’ by Scott Handcock features the Ninth Doctor, Rose and Adam. This was the story in ‘The Ninth Doctor Chronicles’ that I was looking forward to the most, since it features Adam Mitchell.

Bruno Langley returns to reprise his role as Adam from the TV series of ‘Doctor Who’. I was intrigued to find out what Adam would do in this tale and how his journey in the TARDIS would be extended.

In the TV series, Adam was a short-lived companion of the Ninth Doctor. He only appeared in two episodes including ‘Dalek’ and ‘The Long Game’. ‘The Other Side’ is set between those two TV stories.

I feel sorry for Adam, as he didn’t have a chance to prove his worth to the Doctor and Rose. Although that was his own fault really, as Russell T. Davies wanted Adam to be the companion ‘who couldn’t’.

I did wonder if Adam would have more adventures in the TARDIS through the Big Finish audios. Thankfully that was the case through ‘The Ninth Doctor Chronicles’. I am glad there is more of Adam.

However it is tricky to tell a story of a short-lived companion who messed things up within two episodes. It would be very tricky to do Adam’s return to the TARDIS as detailed in ‘Prisoners of Time’.

I really like how this episode begins with Adam entering the TARDIS and seeing the wonders of the Doctor’s ship with Rose by his side. This is directly after the events of Van Statten and the Utah base.

Adam wonders where the TARDIS will take them as he gets excited about travelling in time and space. But the Doctor seems determined with taking Adam back to his home to Manchester in 2012.

But the journey is cut short, as the TARDIS gets hit by a temporal tsunami. The TARDIS travellers soon end up in an abandoned cinema somewhere in Birmingham in 2012. The trio gets curious about this.

I found it interesting how the Doctor seems very unwilling to take Adam on board as a companion in the TARDIS in this audio story. It was clear from the end of ‘Dalek’ and it continues on after that tale.

There’s a sense that the Doctor and Rose are uneasy about Adam being one of the team, especially as he doesn’t seem good TARDIS material. It also disrupts the relationship the Doctor and Rose have.

It was also interesting hearing how Adam behaves in the story as a companion. Clearly he’s a genius and tries to show off when determining where they are in the cinema and explaining their presence.

Adam is also someone who tends to be arrogant at times. Unlike Rose, he seems willing to accept the Doctor’s gone when snatched out of time. This is something Rose can’t accept when with Adam.

The Doctor finds himself transported back in time to 1894, but in the same place at the theatre before it became the cinema. Rose also gets snatched away out of time as she ends up back in 1922.

I like how the Doctor meets up with Rose in 1922 by waiting at the same place for 28 years (which is something for me to grapple with). They get in touch with Adam in 2012, since Rose has his number.

Adam gets to prove his worth when the Doctor tells him what to do to stop the Bygone Horde (also voiced by Bruno Langley). The Bygone Horde also has a connection with the Doctor in the Time War.

The episode ends with Adam being invited to continue travelling with the Doctor and Rose in the TARDIS. This is something Adam’s pleased about and one hopes he’ll be great. But as we all know…

Bruno Langley and Nicholas Briggs in ‘The Other Side’.

‘The Other Side’ is a great audio episode and possibly my favourite out of ‘The Ninth Doctor Chronicles’ collection. I did enjoy Bruno Langley as Adam and how he had his first TARDIS adventure.

‘The Other Side’ rating – 9/10

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2 thoughts on “‘The Other Side’ (Audio)

  1. Timelord 007

    I thought this one was brilliant, you get a sense that Adam just doesn’t fit with The Doctor & Rose & yet despite the uncertainty the trio share a wonderful chemistry.

    Another well written review Tim.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      Hi Simon.

      Glad you found this audio episode brilliant too. I enjoyed Adam’s journey in this episode and how he interacted with the Doctor and Rose. It’s a shame he messed up after this episode, as there could have been some great adventures with these three in the TARDIS.

      ‘The Other Side’ is definitely the best story out of ‘The Ninth Doctor Chronicles’ collection.

      Tim. 🙂



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