‘The Window on the Moor’ (Audio)


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The Doctor and Rose meet Emily Brontë

‘The Window on the Moor’ by Una McCormack features the Ninth Doctor and Rose. I greatly enjoyed this audio adventure and found it interesting as the Doctor and Rose meet Emily Brontë in this story.

In the story, the TARDIS lands on an unnamed planet where the Doctor and Rose step out. The planet has an historical style to it as there are wicked princes, noble dukes and their battling armies.

The Doctor and Rose get caught in a web of political events, as both get separated from each other. Rose meets up with this young man who happens to be a duke whilst the Doctor gets taken prisoner.

I found the concepts for this episode interesting. It turns out that there is civil war on this alien planet between the Duke Alexandro and Prince Julius. Not sure what historical influences are in this.

It also transpires that the Duke Alexandro has this device that can transport himself through portals into other worlds. One of the worlds happens to be Earth in 1845 where Emily Brontë expects them.

It was a nice treat to have Emily Brontë, as an historical character, appear in this audio adventure. Emily is one of the three Brontë sisters. She’s very well-known as the author of ‘Wuthering Heights’.

I have read the ‘Wuthering Heights’ book by Emily Brontë when I was studying English Language and Literature for my A Level in sixth-form college. I’m not a fan of that gothic novel, but I do know of it.

Laura Riseborough guest stars as Emily Brontë. It was interesting to how Emily Brontë was portrayed in ‘Doctor Who’, both through Laura Riseborough’s performance and also Una McCormack’s writing.

It seems that Emily Brontë has been walking on the moors of where she lives in England in December 1845. She has been able to see the soldiers and fighting of the civil war occurring on the alien planet.

As well as playing Emily Brontë, Laura Riseborough also plays Ada, the Duchess of Duke Alexandro’s world. Ada happens to be the spitting image of Emily Brontë on this alien planet during the episode.

It seems that Una McCormack is taking her cue from ‘The Unquiet Dead’ where Gwyneth would be similar to Gwen Cooper in ‘Torchwood’. Then again, there is also Nyssa and Ann in ‘Black Orchid’. 😀

The Doctor’s story in this has been pretty enjoyable. This time, he’s the one who gets locked up in prison. Fortunately he meets a female prisoner and he gets out of his cell with the sonic screwdriver.

There are also moments when the Doctor finds himself talking to the walls, which is amusing when he realises how it’s come to that. He also discovers Ada in her prison cell as he attempts to free her.

Rose has an enjoyable journey in this ‘Doctor Who’ story as well. Once separated from the Doctor, she gets to know who Duke Alexandro is before she gets transported with him to the Earth of 1845.

It’s interesting how Rose meets Emily Brontë and seems her already. Rose knows about ‘Wuthering Heights’ in the song instead of the book. I didn’t know that there was a ‘Wuthering Heights’ song. 😀

Coincidentally, I read ‘Wuthering Heights’ at sixth-form college in 2005 when I studied English Language and Literature, same time as ‘Doctor Who’ returned that year. This brings me to ‘full circle’!

I like how Rose gets anxious during the story when she’s determined to reunite with the Doctor. I enjoyed that moment of reunion as the two hug each other, before Rose thumps the Doctor’s arm.

Director Helen Goldwyn, Laura Riseborough, writer Una McCormack and narrator Nicholas Briggs in ‘The Window on the Moor’.

‘The Window on the Moor’ has been a pretty enjoyable audio adventure to listen to with the Doctor and Rose meeting Emily Brontë. I did feel the conclusion was rushed, but it was engaging to listen to.

‘The Window on the Moor’ rating – 8/10

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2 thoughts on “‘The Window on the Moor’ (Audio)

    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      Hi Simon.

      Glad you agree that the conclusion did feel rushed. I don’t know what it was. I found It engaging with the Doctor and Rose’s journeys in the story and how they got to meet Emily Brontë. But somehow by the time we got to the end of the episode, there was so much happening I lost track somewhat. I’ll have to hear this episode again to be sure to know what went on.

      Tim. 🙂



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