‘Constant Companion’ (ST)


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Marmaduke with the Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe

This story is by Simon A. Forward and it features the Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe. Simon A. Forward would later write ‘The Mistpuddle Murders’ featuring Sarah Sutton’s Nyssa. I enjoyed reading this story and it’s a fun little tale about the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe owning a cat-like creature.

It starts when the TARDIS lands on a strange planet and the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe find this cat-like creature meeting them. They can’t find its owner but soon decide to take the ‘cat’ with them. They name him ‘Marmaduke’ because he’s marmalade-coloured. Why not call him ‘Marmalade’ instead?

Incidentally, ‘Marmalade’ is the name my parents and I give to the cat that lives next door to us. 😀 Unfortunately, trouble starts when Marmaduke makes a mess of things including shredding clothes in the TARDIS wardrobe, clawing holes in Jamie’s bagpipes and playing with the Doctor’s recorder. 😐

It gets the Doctor frustrated and irritable. He also behaves strangely when answering Jamie and Zoe’s questions telepathically before they say anything. This is something to do with Marmaduke, I believe. The Doctor decides to get rid of the ‘cat’, giving him different homes on many other planets.

But Marmaduke always ends up back in the TARDIS, much to the Doctor’s annoyance. Eventually, the Doctor decides to take the ‘cat’ back to the strange planet where they found him and return him to his owner before they found him. Overall, ‘Constant Companion’ is very entertaining tale to read.

‘Constant Companion’ rating – 8/10

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