‘Penny Wise, Pound Foolish’ (ST/Audio)



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Bad Jack with the Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe

This story is by Foster Marks. It features the Second Doctor, Jamie and Zoe; and is read by David Troughton. This is another equally enjoyable Short Trip audio where the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe visit a world run by a man called Jack and they get into trouble once they interfere with a mining operation.

I enjoyed David Troughton’s reading of the tale, especially when he voices well for the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe. I like how Zoe is genuinely pleasant to Jack upon their arrival to his world and how the Doctor, whilst appearing to be the fool, asks pointed questions to Jack that make him very uneasy.

The story takes a focus from Jack’s point of view at the beginning. Jack is a Larian, with a little bit of Terian on his mother’s side. He owns six planets and imports Halflings to do the work for him in the mines. He gets revealed as an unpleasant person, especially when he wants the TARDIS trio dead.

The voice for Jack by David Troughton seems to be distorted somehow when I listened to him on audio. I like how Jack seems to think he’s dealt with the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe, until he receives a shock and a surprise. A rocket containing Halflings arrives and the TARDIS trio step out to confront him.

The story ends with Jack being transmatted to one of his worlds by the Doctor. Jack ends up screaming in rage for being put there. It’s a rather unusual way for the story to end, although Jack deserves to be trapped there especially after all the appalling things our TARDIS heroes discovered.

‘Penny Wise, Pound Foolish’ rating – 7/10

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