‘Save Yourself’ (TS)


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On Karn with the War Lord and the Second Doctor

For Terrance Dicks

‘Save Yourself’ is the last story to be written by Terrance Dicks for the world of ‘Doctor Who’. It was published posthumously following his death in August 2019. It’s rather fitting for ‘The Target Storybook’ to have one of its stories by Terrance Dicks as his contribution to the series has been big.

This story features the Second Doctor and it takes place after the events of ‘The War Games’, during Season 6B. The Doctor gets sent on a mission by the Time Lords to the planet Karn to save the Sacred Flame of the Sisterhood. I was confused by the Doctor going on a mission as I read this story.

But as it turns out the Doctor has been on several missions by the Time Lords before having his memory wiped of them. That’s rather cruel of the Time Lords and I wonder how long they’ve been doing that to him before he got sent to be exiled on Earth. It makes the Second Doctor’s end longer.

On the planet Karn, the Doctor confronts the War Lord who appeared in ‘The War Games’. The War Lord wants the Elixir of Life on the planet Karn after he’d been told about it from the War Chief. Soon, the Doctor and the War Lord tussle it out each other before the War Lord falls into a pit with a big bang.

I like how Terrance makes the connection to Karn from his ‘Brain of Morbius’ story. Having just heard ‘Seven Keys to Doomsday’ recently, it makes the planet’s history richer. ‘Save Yourself’ is a good story to go out on for a man who has provided us rich enjoyment of an amazing sci-fi TV series.

‘Save Yourself’ rating – 8/10

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