‘The Edge’ (Audio)


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Provost Curtis with the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe

‘The Edge’ is a two-part adventure by Rob Nisbet, set at a research facility on an asteroid. This audio adventure features the Second Doctor with his two companions, Jamie McCrimmon and Zoe Heriot.

The story is performed by Frazer Hines with Robert Whitelock. I was very disappointed that Wendy Padbury didn’t feature in this audio adventure, considering that she had played Zoe in ‘The Integral’.

Saying that, this audio adventure has been very gripping to listen to. I enjoyed Jamie’s adventure in how he rescued the Doctor and Zoe from the evil Provost Curtis and how his intelligence gets tested.

In the story, the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe visit the Edge, which is the galaxy’s scientific hub of experimentation, theoretical breakthroughs and invention. The TARDIS trio join a tour of the facility.

The story highlights how Jamie isn’t as intelligent as the Doctor and Zoe. For the Edge is where the Doctor and Zoe become interested in its scientific breakthroughs and experience. It’s not for Jamie.

It’s established that Jamie isn’t into the scientific aspects of the Edge as the Doctor and Zoe are, as he becomes bored. But it also sets the scene for the Doctor and Zoe’s downfall during the audio tale.

The Doctor and Zoe get kidnapped after going through some initiation intelligent tests. This echoes something similar from ‘The Krotons’ as the Doctor and Zoe went on some intelligence tests in that.

I like how the story focuses on Jamie’s point of view when he gradually discovers that the Doctor and Zoe are kidnapped. I also like how Jamie faces his ultimate foe in the highly intelligent Provost Curtis.

Frazer Hines is great as Jamie in this adventure as well as playing the Doctor and Zoe. Having Frazer as the main star with Robert Whitelock as the only guest star echoes the old ‘Companion Chronicles’.

It’s interesting that Jamie has become wiser and mature in his travels with the Doctor and Zoe by this stage in the series. This contrasts differently to how Jamie seemed hostile during ‘The Integral’.

Robert Whitelock guest stars as Provost Curtis and Sebastian in the audio adventure. I’ve heard Robert Whitelock before since he appeared as King Magus in the Fifth Doctor audio, ‘Psychodrome’.

I like the two characters Robert plays, as they’re both different in terms of their villainy. Sebastian at first seems to be a pleasant tour guide before it is revealed he is actually working for Provost Curtis.

Sebastian kills the waiter who served Jamie, Zoe and the Doctor earlier in ‘Episode One’. He was also ordered to kill Jamie by Provost Curtis when discovered. He attempts to at the end of ‘Episode One’.

Provost Curtis is an intriguing character, as he’s someone who wants to have the Doctor and Zoe’s knowledge in order to maintain his position at the Edge. Curtis also smuggles a drug called Acuman.

I enjoyed the scenes between Curtis and Jamie when they confront each other. At first, Curtis dismisses Jamie before he soon finds him fascinating and gets intrigued by Jamie’s primitive nature.

Even when Jamie attempts to smash up control panels before his eyes, Curtis doesn’t seem bothered and finds it amusing. It’s only a certain component Jamie takes out that gets Curtis into a panic about.

I liked that scene where Jamie finds the Doctor and Zoe free from their captivity and reunites with them. Zoe even gives Jamie a hug, which demonstrates how much she truly cares for him as a friend.

I like how the story ends with the Doctor and Zoe reassuring Jamie that he’s not stupid and he does have some intelligence. Zoe even appreciates Jamie for who he is and admits she cannot be perfect.

Robert Whitelock and Frazer Hines in ‘The Edge’.

‘The Edge’ is a very good audio adventure from ‘The Second Doctor: Volume 1’ box set. I enjoyed this adventure a lot and found it an improvement on the previous instalments and it was worthwhile.

The CD extras are as follows. At the end of the disc, there are interviews with Frazer Hines, Robert Whitelock, director Lisa Bowerman, writer Rob Nisbet and producer Ian Atkins which are very good. There’s also a trailer for ‘The Second Doctor: Volume One’ with Frazer Hines as the Doctor, which to me matched a trailer for ‘The Web of Fear’. There’s also a trailer for ‘The First Doctor: Volume One’.

‘The Second Doctor: Volume One’ has been an enjoyable collection of audio adventures featuring the companions from the Patrick Troughton era. I enjoyed each story in turn. I probably will need to give these audio stories another listen, but I enjoyed the performances of the cast in each of them.

‘The Edge’ rating – 8/10

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2 thoughts on “‘The Edge’ (Audio)

  1. Timelord 007

    Yeah i agree Tim surely Wendy playing Zoe was a no brainer it took me out of the drama at times but i enjoyed this one as it focuses on Jaime!’s character & Fraser Hines is just amazing in dual roles as Jamie & the Doctor, i enjoyed the character development between Zoe & Jamie becoming closer friends & Zoe showing some emotion.

    As ever a fantastic written review Tim, i enjoyed reading your reviews & your opinions on each of the four stories.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      Hi Simon.

      I wish Wendy Padbury had starred as Zoe in this audio adventure, as it’s a really good story by Rob Nisbet.

      I like how this story focuses on Jamie’s character and it makes him a smarter individual than others seem to think. I like how the relationships are developed between the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe in this one. I also like how the relationships are enhanced, especially as you said that Jamie and Zoe have become close friends. I like to think I’ve reflected that in my ‘Short Trip’ for Zoe called ‘Brian and Heart’, which you yourself have read. 😀

      Thanks for your comments on my latest Second Doctor audio reviews, Simon. Very pleased that you’ve enjoyed them.

      Tim. 🙂



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