‘The Room With All The Doors’ (SS)


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The Multivarium with the Second Doctor and…Someone Else

This story is by James Goss and it features the Second Doctor. This is an unusual tale told in the first person by someone who doesn’t get named. The story focuses on the unknown person narrating the tale. He accompanies the Second Doctor whilst trapped inside this odd place called the Multivarium.

I found this tale rather disconcerting. James Goss does get the mannerisms of the Second Doctor spot on, but I found it difficult to relate to the narrator who doesn’t even get a name. I’m surprised the Second Doctor didn’t ask the person’s name whilst trapped in the Multivarium place throughout.

The Multivarium is like a prison or a ‘lesson’ as the Doctor calls it, created at the intersection of a parallel universe. It has white rooms and many doors of all shapes and sizes. The doors lead into various parallel universes and dimensions. The rooms contain many atmospheres and environments.

In terms of the story’s placement in the Second Doctor’s timeline, it takes place during ‘The Seeds of Death’. Apparently the Doctor was fighting the Ice Warriors on the Moon with Jamie and Zoe before he ended up in the Multivarium. I wish Jamie and Zoe made a cameo appearance in this short story.

The story does seem open-ended with the Doctor and the unknown person about to venture out into blackness with no idea whether they’re going to get out of the Multivarium or not. I hope they did get out since the Doctor seemed to work it out by the end. But this indicates another possibility.

‘The Room With All The Doors’ is accompanied by the chapter called ‘The Multiverse’.

‘The Room With All The Doors’ rating – 6/10

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