‘Twin Piques’ (ST)


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Two Doppelgänger Worlds with the Second Doctor and Jamie

This story is by Anthony Keetch and it features the Second Doctor and Jamie. Anthony Keetch is also an actor as well as a writer. In fact, he played Vansell in some of the early Big Finish audios like ‘The Apocalypse Element’, ‘The Sirens of Time’ and ‘Neverland’. I did enjoy his writing in this Short Trip. 🙂

‘Twin Piques’ is a much better effort compared to the first two stories in the ‘Short Trips: Zodiac’ collection. This is because I found the writing easier to follow and there’s a compelling plot about the Doctor and Jamie finding themselves on two identical alien worlds with two rather different rulers. 🙂

The story starts with the Doctor and Jamie being thanked by King Gavin XXIII and his people for helping them defeat Gavin’s evil brother Conrad. Once the Doctor and Jamie leave in the TARDIS, they soon end up on another world similar to King Gavin’s, but this time it’s Conrad who is the ruler.

As the Doctor and Jamie work out what’s going on and find there are two doppelgänger worlds where Gavin’s the ruler on one world and Conrad’s the ruler on the other, the TARDIS duo get the two kings to meet each other. There’s bitter anger and resentment between the two rulers meeting.

It was fun how the Doctor and Jamie refereed between Gavin and Conrad as one believes the other brother is evil whereas he is good and vice versa. The story ends with Jamie speculating whether he and the Doctor put Conrad as ruler on his world in the future or if it were ‘other versions’ of them. 😐

‘Twin Piques’ rating – 8/10

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