‘Larkspur’ (ST)

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‘Larkspur’ with the Seventh Doctor and Benny

This story is by Mark Stevens and it features the Seventh Doctor and Benny. This is a tale about a man called Larkspur who has an ‘obelisk’ that turns out to be a TARDIS. He also hears a voice in his head.

This tale is oddly structured. It started off well, but I sadly got lost half-way in the story. Again, I might have to re-read this story to get a clear idea of what was going on with the Doctor and Benny.

‘Larkspur’ rating – 4/10

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For the Seventh Doctor was

  • ‘Infinite Requiem’ (Book)

For Benny was

  • ‘Infinite Requiem’ (Book)
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For the Seventh Doctor is

  • ‘Sanctuary’ (Book)

For Benny is

  • ‘Sanctuary’ (Book)
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