‘The Shadow Trader’ (ST/Audio)



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Salim and the Defiance with the Seventh Doctor and Ace

This story is by Charles Williams. It features the Seventh Doctor and Ace; and is read by Sophie Aldred. This tale is about a man who steals shadows called Salim. He tries to steal Ace’s shadow when on board the Defiance, a space-shipyard. But he gets more than he bargained for with the Doctor.

This tale did start off rather slowly for me. We have Salim’s point-of-view first since we go into his background on why he’s a shadow trader and how his father influenced him. It got interesting later on when Ace and the Doctor turned up and when Salim tried to steal her shadow in a dark alleyway.

Sophie Aldred’s narration for this story is wonderful to listen to. I enjoyed how she slipped back into Ace’s voice just like when she played her all those years ago in the TV series. She also gets to do her voice impersonation of Sylvester McCoy’s Doctor. She does it so well and also did it in ‘Shockwave’.

It was funny when Ace had a meal that almost burnt her throat and she couldn’t talk properly, especially when she meets up with the Doctor. Ace is true Ace when she gets angry with Salim for trying to steal her shadow. Ace even threatens to kick Salim when she’s trapped and she eventually does. 😀

I liked it when the Doctor turned up out of the blue to save Ace from having her shadow stolen by Salim. There’s talk between him and Salim where he reveals how he came to know about him and the shadow traders. The notion of the Doctor having no shadow was very intriguing, although this was a trick.

‘The Shadow Trader’ rating – 6/10

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