‘The Slyther of Shoreditch’ (TS)


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A Slyther with a Time Lord and the Seventh Doctor

This story is by Mike Tucker and it features the Seventh Doctor. Mike has written quite a number of ‘Doctor Who’ stories over the years, whether it’d be Big Finish audios, BBC Books, short stories and an instalment for ‘The Darksmith Legacy’ book series. I’ve met Mike once at ‘The Capitol II’ event. 🙂

‘The Slyther of Shoreditch’ takes place during ‘Remembrance of the Daleks’, one of my favourite Seventh Doctor TV stories. The story is set before the Doctor visits Harry’s café for some tea during ‘Part Two’. Intriguingly, ‘Remembrance’ was not a story Mike worked on as a visual effects assistant.

In the story, whilst the Doctor deals with the Shoreditch Incident concerning Daleks and the Hand of Omega, he meets up with an old Time Lord ‘acquaintance’. This is believed to be the Time Lord who sent the Doctor on his mission to avert the creation of the Daleks on Skaro in ‘Genesis of the Daleks’.

It was fascinating to read this story about the Doctor and the Time Lord diverting a Slyther off the trail on where the Hand of Omega is. The Slyther made one TV appearance which was ‘The Dalek Invasion of Earth’. There are more Slyther appearances in other mediums such as comics, books, etc.

An intriguing point to say is that the Time Lord mentions something about a campaign by the Daleks called ‘Pa-Jass Vortan’, which means ‘The Time War’. The Doctor does everything he can to prevent the Time Lord knowing he’s handing over the Hand of Omega to the Daleks. Overall, a gripping story!

‘The Slyther of Shoreditch’ rating – 8/10

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