‘Cry of the Vultriss’ (Audio)


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Ice Warriors with the Sixth Doctor, Constance and Flip

Thank goodness Darren Jones wrote a compelling ‘Doctor Who’ audio adventure for me to enjoy! 🙂

‘Cry of the Vultriss’ is a four-part story starring Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor, Miranda Raison as Constance Clarke and Lisa Greenwood as Flip Ramon. I greatly enjoyed listening to this audio story on CD. It is the first of a trilogy of ‘Doctor Who’ Big Finish audios with Colin Baker’s Doctor for 2020!

The writer of this adventure, Darren Jones, is a familiar name to me. In 2013, he wrote ‘Death’s Deal’, the tenth story of the ‘Destiny of the Doctor’ series, featuring the Tenth Doctor and Donna and read by Catherine Tate to celebrate 50 years of ‘Doctor Who’. I greatly enjoyed that audio story.

Over the years, Darren Jones has written a number of ‘Doctor Who’ audiobooks for the BBC, including ‘The Eye of the Jungle’, ‘Sleepers in the Dust’ and ‘Paradise Lost’ with the Eleventh Doctor and ‘Rhythm of Destruction’ with the Twelfth Doctor. He has also penned ‘The Minds of Magnox’. 😀

That’s a ‘Time Lord Victorious’ story with the Tenth Doctor. Most of the stories Darren has written in ‘Doctor Who’ have mostly been for new series Doctors. This is the first time he’s written for a classic series Doctor and I believe that this is the first time Darren’s penned an audio tale for Big Finish only!

Not for Big Finish and AudioGo (which is gone) at the same time. I greatly enjoyed Darren’s take on the Sixth Doctor. He seems to get into his character when writing for him as well as writing for Constance and Flip. He’s done his research listening to the previous Sixth Doctor/Constance/Flip audios.

And that’s not all! Darren also includes the Ice Warriors in this adventure, giving Nicholas Briggs another chance to let rip his Ice Warrior voices for audio again. There’s also an ‘Empress of Mars’ quality to this story, especially with Adele Lynch coming in to play another Ice Warrior queen in this.

The cast and crew of ‘Cry of the Vultriss’. From left to right: writer Darren Jones, Jo Burke, Nicholas Briggs, Miranda Raison, Colin Baker, Lisa Greenwood, Caroline Lawrie and Daniel Norford.

The story has the Sixth Doctor, Constance and Flip visiting the remote planet of Cygia-Rema. This is after the TARDIS was violently ejected from the space-time vortex and crash-landed on the planet. Cygia-Rema is a mountainous world populated by the bird-like Vultriss! Yes! Bird-like people here! 😀

I’m surprised the Vultriss weren’t a relation of the Avian people in ‘Circular Time: Spring’. 😀 There’s also a Peladon atmosphere to this adventure as the newly-crowned queen of Cygia-Rema – Skye – is expecting first contact with their alien ambassadors. This turns out to be the Ice Warriors from Mars.

The Ice Warriors are led by their queen/empress Vextyr. As the peaceful pleasantries are underway on Cygia-Rema, the Doctor soon discovers there is more to the planet he and his friends are on than it seems as there is this ancient legacy that could plunge half of the galaxy into an eternal living end.

This involves the usage of three stations generating a rip in the fabric of time and some kontron crystals that the Doctor recognises all too well. As rivalry factions occur, can the Doctor and his friends defeat the Ice Warrior menace and avoid the cry of Queen Skye, also called ‘the Fabled One’?

There are quite a lot of elements to keep track of when listening to this story, especially the bird-like Vultriss and the Ice Warriors becoming involved. Somehow, I was able to keep track of everything that was going on since Darren Jones’ writing was so clear and easy to follow to make it enjoyable. 🙂

I also liked the interaction between characters in this story and trying to understand the motivations between groups rebelling against each other whilst peace is trying to be maintained. This isn’t just with the Sixth Doctor, Constance and Flip but also with the supporting characters featured here too.

The cast of ‘Cry of the Vultriss’. From left to right: Vincenzo Nicoli, Miranda Raison, Adele Lynch, Daniel Noford, Natasha Cowley, Colin Baker, Lisa Greenwood and Nicholas Briggs.

Colin Baker continues to keep being excellent as ever as the Sixth Doctor in these audio adventures. He’s clearly enjoying the Big Finish audios and getting to play his Doctor the way he wants to, compared to the TV series. I did like how his Doctor tackled the Ice Warriors when on Cygia-Rema. 🙂

I also like how Colin’s Doctor interacts with Constance and Flip as he clearly gets on well with them when travelling in the TARDIS. He’s concerned for Constance when he and Flip split up from her. It is nice the Doctor gets to share more scenes with Flip compared to the previous stories they have had.

Miranda Raison is equally good as Constance…or ‘Connie’ as Flip calls her. This is Constance after her mind and soul were transplanted in a duplicate body during ‘Static’, which gets briefly referred to here. Whilst I’m not happy with that, I’m glad Constance remains the same good friend of old Sixy. 🙂

Constance spends a lot of time being a prisoner of Jabule, who was a former queen of the Vultriss. I liked it when she reunited with the Sixth Doctor and Flip and that they managed to avoid being executed by Jabule’s lot. Constance does her part to tackle the Ice Warriors threatening the Vultriss.

Lisa Greenwood is equally good as Flip…or ‘Philippa’ as Constance calls her. Like I said, Flip sends a lot of time with the Doctor and gets to experience the delicacies the Vultriss have when they entertain them and the Ice Warriors on Cygia-Rema. Flip gets to try eating lizard during dinner here.

Hmm! I do wonder if lizard tastes like chicken. Probably better than what the Absorbaloff eats! 😀 I liked it when Flip interacted with Chela and formed a connection with her when she was loyal to her queen. Flip helps out, even when one of the kontron crystals gets ‘smashed’ and warns Sixy about it.

Nicholas Briggs voices three major Ice Warriors in this audio adventure. They include Marshall Zorsch, Exazril and an Ice Warrior Commander. Marshall Zorsch is loyal to Vextyr when they’re visiting Cygia-Rema. Exazril is actually the true Martian ambassador for Cygia-Rema instead of Vextyr.

I liked the twist in the story when Exazril is found by the Doctor and friends and he happens to be a friendly Ice Warrior compared to Vextyr and Zorsch. It makes the Ice Warriors more complex than we imagined. Nicks Briggs also plays Station 2 guard and an ordinary guard in this audio adventure. 🙂

Adele Lynch plays Vextyr, the Ice Warrior queen who comes to Cygia-Rema, disguised as representing Mars but is actually intending to plunge the Vultriss into chaos. This is a different Ice Warrior queen compared to the one Adele Lynch played in Iraxxa for the ‘Empress of Mars’ TV story.

I’m surprised Big Finish didn’t have Iraxxa be in ‘Cry of the Vultriss’ instead of Vextyr. Vextyr turns out to be pure evil whilst Iraxxa was honourable at the end of ‘Empress of Mars’. Adele Lynch also plays Ospri, a Vultriss who serves in Queen Skye’s court before she sadly gets killed off in the story. 😦

Natasha Cowley guest stars as Queen Skye in the adventure. At first, she seems a pleasant enough character before she turns out to not be so nice and almost kills the Doctor with her ‘fabled cry’ that can kill anybody at the end of ‘Part Three’. A disturbing revelation gets revealed about Skye’s cry though.

Jo Burke guest stars as Helia, Queen Jabule’s second-in-command in the story as well as Chela, who serves Queen Skye in her court. There’s also Caroline Lawrie as Queen Jabule. Clearly Jabule and Skye do not like each other in the adventure since Jabule feels usurped by Skye with her ‘fabled cry’.

Vincenzo Nicoli guest stars as Pagus, an advisor to Queen Skye in her court in the story. There’s also Daniel Norford as Tyto, who is Pagus’ son and working for Jabule’s resistance against Skye. Daniel Norford also plays a Vultriss captain and Station Guard 3. All the cast are excellent in this audio tale!

‘Cry of the Vultriss’ is a very good ‘Doctor Who’ audio adventure by Big Finish, featuring Colin Baker’s Doctor, Miranda Raison’s Constance, Lisa Greenwood’s Flip and the Ice Warriors. I enjoyed this story more than ‘Static’ and I’m pleased Darren Jones impressed me with his writing in this tale.

The CD extras are as follows. At the end of Disc 1, there’s a suite of incidental music to enjoy. At the end of Disc 2, there are behind-the-scenes interviews with the cast and crew including Colin Baker, Miranda Raison, Lisa Greenwood, Nicholas Briggs, Adele Lynch, director John Ainsworth, writer Darren Jones, etc. There’s also a trailer for the next story with the Sixth Doctor, Constance and Flip called ‘Scorched Earth’.

If you subscribe to Big Finish for ‘Cry of the Vultriss’ via a 6 or 12 CD/download subscription, you’ll get the following extras. There’s a PDF script and extended extras for ‘Cry of the Vultriss’.

‘Cry of the Vultriss’ rating – 8/10

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2 thoughts on “‘Cry of the Vultriss’ (Audio)

  1. Timelord 007

    Darren Jones is a very good writer, he hooks you into a story & writes wonderful characters, i had a blast with this audio drama.

    I like how the Ice Warriors are written here as they’re both good & bad it adds a layer of characterization you couldn’t do with say the Daleks & therefore adds more dramatic depth.

    Colin, Miranda & Lisa bring their characters to life as the Sixth Doctor, Constance & Flip & i like this Tardis trio’s dynamic they really do share a warm chemistry.

    Great review Tim & brilliantly summed up my friend, always enjoy reading your reviews especially while I’m struggling through my grief.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      Hi Simon.

      Glad you enjoyed ‘Cry of the Vultriss’. I’m pleased Darren Jones’ writing impressed you as well as me.

      Yeah it is good to get varying levels of the Ice Warriors compared to the Daleks who are instantly evil most of the time. Yes, I’ve been enjoying the Sixth Doctor, Constance and Flip too and have enjoyed how they’ve turned out in these stories.

      Very pleased you’re enjoying my reviews during tough times.

      Thanks for your comments,

      Tim. 🙂



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