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Six vs. Davros – Celebrating 40 Years of ‘Doctor Who’

This is a really good audio drama to listen to featuring the Kaled scientist!

‘Davros’ is the second story of a multi-Doctor ‘villains’ trilogy to celebrate 40 years of ‘Doctor Who’. It stars Colin Baker as the Doctor with Terry Molloy as Davros. The story also guest stars Wendy Padbury and Bernard Horsfall. It is a 2 x 70 minute episode adventure by Lance Parkin and is superb!

This adventure has been an enjoyable listening experience, as it’s has the Doctor face Davros…without the Daleks! Davros without Daleks?! Unheard of! Lance Parkin writes a really intriguing tale exploring Davros as a character. It’s a fascinating tale and one I’ve enjoyed immensely.

I’ve had my CD cover of ‘Davros’ signed by Colin Baker, Terry Molloy and Wendy Padbury at the ‘Time Warp’ convention in Weston-super-Mare, July 2014. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting all three stars of the tale at the same convention. I was gratified to have this story’s CD cover signed by them.

‘Davros’ follows on after ‘Resurrection of the Daleks’. Davros has been found and is revived on a planet by Arnold Baynes and his wife Lorraine. The Doctor comes and insists they don’t trust him. When Davros agrees to help on a famine relief project, the Doctors finds himself working with him.

This story is set between ‘The Two Doctors’ and ‘Timelash’. It has the Sixth Doctor’s first meeting with Davros before ‘Revelation of the Daleks’. The Doctor is without a companion in this, as Peri is off somewhere doing botany ‘on the other side of the galaxy’ with only Davros to content with here.

I’ve chatted to Terry Molloy about how unusual it was to have Davros without the Daleks in this adventure. He agreed, but thoroughly enjoyed it. Terry apologised when Davros ranted at the beginning with his opening monologue. It freaked me out when I heard it, but it was fun to listen to.

I enjoyed how this story goes deeper into what makes Davros tick. Davros seems to warm to Arnold and Lorraine Baynes in the story and also tries to manipulate the Doctor into believing he’s a friend. Some of Davros’ manipulation scenes are similar to when Rose first met the Dalek survivor in ‘Dalek’.

It was great meeting Colin Baker as the Doctor and being able to chat to him about being in ‘Doctor Who’ both on TV and in audio. Colin has enjoyed a wealth of Big Finish audios since his short-time tenure as the Doctor on TV and he’s a greatly developed and more ’rounded’ (sorry, Colin) character.

Colin’s Doctor in ‘Davros’ is without Peri, although he does enlist the help of Willis and Kimberley Todd. The Doctor is horrified when Arnold and Lorraine Baynes try to revive Davros, as he knows enlisting Davros is bad news. The Doctor is forced to work with Davros, which he doesn’t approve of.

Wendy Padbury guest stars as Lorraine Baynes! Wendy is well-known for playing Zoe with Patrick Troughton’s Doctor. I asked her if she found it unusual playing somebody who wasn’t Zoe. Wendy said she didn’t, but she enjoyed playing the character in the story and she’s absolutely lovely in this.

Lorraine is the wife of Arnold Baynes and helps him in his business activities. They seem a happily married couple. Lorraine is a historian and has a keen enthusiasm for Davros. She doesn’t believe that Davros is evil. I so enjoyed those scenes with Wendy and Terry together as Lorraine and Davros.

Bernard Horsfall also guest stars as Arnold Baynes, Lorraine’s husband. Bernard appeared in ‘The Mind Robber’; ‘The War Games’; ‘Planet of the Daleks’ and ‘The Deadly Assassin’. This is Bernard’s fifth ‘Doctor Who’ appearance. I have chatted to Wendy about Bernard who she loved working with.

Arnold is the head of the TAI corporation. He sounds like a charming, refined man. Both Arnold and Lorraine have a keen interest in Davros and his history. Arnold is constantly thinking about his business. It’s not clear what his motives are and it seems possible that he could be a potential villain.

The story ends with Davros escaping and seemingly getting blown up. Lorraine thinks that Davros is dead. But the Doctor knows better. It sets the scene for the next time we meet Davros in ‘Revelation of the Daleks’. Will the Doctor be ready for him? It depends on what Davros has in mind next time…

There aren’t any CD extras for this release, I’m afraid. This surprised me, as I expected there to be a trailer for the next ‘villains trilogy’ story, ‘Master’, with Sylvester McCoy and Geoffrey Beevers. But at least there are some nice writer/story notes by Lance Parkin and photos of the cast in the CD cover.

I really enjoyed listening to ‘Davros’ and I’m very happy to have it signed by Colin, Terry and Wendy. This is a really good experiment in telling a story about Davros without the Daleks. It contains some superb performances from Terry; Colin; Wendy and Bernard and goes deeper into Davros’ character.

‘Davros’ rating – 9/10

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2 thoughts on “‘Davros’ (Audio)

  1. Timelord 007

    This story led to the 4 part mini series I.Davros being commissioned, one of the darkest mini series I’ve ever listened to & one i highly recommend checking out if you haven’t already Tim.

    I love Davros, it’s a great story featuring great written characters & i love the two handed svenes between the Sixth Doctor & Davros it was brilliantly acted by Colin Baker & Terry Molloy.

    A fantastic written review Tim, definitely a 9/10 & i love the photos of you with the cast.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      Hi Simon

      I have listened to the ‘I, Davros’ mini-series. In fact I reviewed all four episodes back when I was on Amazon. I’ve saved my ‘I Davros’ reviews and hope to post them on my blog soon.

      I definitely enjoyed listening to this audio adventure and Colin Baker and Terry Molloy are brilliant together. It was interesting that Davros was without the Daleks in this adventure.

      Very pleased you enjoyed my photos with Colin, Terry and Wendy from this story. It’s a shame Bernard Horsfall isn’t around as it would have been nice to have the CD signed by him too.

      Thanks for your comments Simon.

      Tim. 🙂



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