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The ‘I.D. & Urgent Calls’ CD was the first Big Finish audio of ‘Doctor Who’ I listened to with Colin Baker!

I thoroughly enjoyed ‘I.D.’ and ‘Urgent Calls’! I listened to a trailer for this Big Finish on the ‘Renaissance of the Daleks’ CD in 2008. A year later, I saw a copy of the CD at the now-deceased ‘Doctor Who’ Up-Close Exhibition and was keen to purchase it. I enjoyed the CD with Colin Baker’s Doctor in the car.

Both ‘I.D’ and ‘Urgent Calls’ are by Eddie Robson. He is a ‘Doctor Who’ writer who has excelled himself tremendously in top quality audio dramas by Big Finish including ‘Human Resources’ and ‘The Five Companions’. I found these two stories he wrote in this CD very engaging and entertaining.

I’ve had the CD cover of ‘I.D. & Urgent Calls’ signed by Colin Baker at the ‘Regenerations 2010’ convention in Swansea, September 2010 and by Sara Griffiths (who plays Claudia Bridge in ‘I.D.’) at the ‘Acceptable In The 80s’ convention in Chiswick London, October 2011. Both were a delight to meet. It was first time that I’d met Colin when he signed my CD cover of this audio for me.

This CD is a 2-disc set. ‘I.D.’ is a three-part story on the first two disc of the set, whilst ‘Urgent Calls’ is a one-part story on the second disc. Both of these stories are so enjoyable and unique in their ways.

‘I.D.’ is a three-part thriller adventure set on an alien planet of junk. There are huge robots called the Scandroids on this planet and they have their own catchphrase, which is ‘PRIORITY: INFORMATION’. But something happens as the Scandroid turn into killer robots!

The story is about a clinic that deal with digital-transfer and ‘personality surgery’ in the 36th century. The Doctor turns up and discovers that the Scandroids are killing the people on this planet with data.

The data is sent via the Scandroids to clinic workers and space pirates. The Doctor has to work out what the problem is and to work with people who are very uncooperative, bickering and unlikeable.

This is an interesting story about a group of people who are the clinic workers and have personality issues to deal with. It was interesting hearing how the Doctor interacts with them in this adventure.

Colin Baker is great in this audio adventure as the Doctor. I’ve met him at plenty of conventions now and I enjoy seeing him. Colin’s funny and quite a character at times when I meet him at conventions.

I’m so pleased that the Big Finish audios have made up for the ten years that Colin could have had as the Doctor, when he was denied that in the TV series. The audios certainly have extended his tenure.

I remember Colin telling me that he seems to have done more episodes of ‘Doctor Who’ compared to any of the other Doctors. That made me laugh and he’s certainly has had more episodes in audio.

Sara Griffiths is equally great as Claudia Bridge in ‘I.D.’. Sara is well-known in ‘Doctor Who’ circles as she appeared in the TV series before. Sara played Ray in ‘Delta and the Bannermen’ with Sylvester McCoy.

I mentioned to Sara how convinced I was by her Welsh accent as Ray in ‘Delta and the Bannermen’. She didn’t seem convinced but glowed at my compliment when I told her and we had a lovely chat.

In ‘I.D.’, Sara plays a sort of companion-styled role in Claudia Bridge. But Claudia isn’t a very nice person, as she seems to be somebody without a conscience when the Doctor meets her in this story.

The guest cast also includes Gyles Brandreth as Dr. Marriot. Marriot is in charge of the clinic on the junk planet. It goes out of control for him whenever the Scandroids start killing people on the planet.

There’s also Helen Atkinson Wood as Ms Tevez. Tevez is an inspector, who visits the junk planet to find out the progress of Marriot and his work. Tevez witnesses the chaos caused by the Scandroids.

I liked the look of the Scandroids on the CD cover and sleeve notes and how they’re voiced by David Dobson. They sound very menacing and dangerous when they give ‘PRIORITY: INFORMATION’ to people.

But as it turns out, the Doctor discovers the Scandroids aren’t the enemy at all. It is the data itself that’s killing people. I found it interesting when the data is stopping people on the planet to breathe.

There’s a lot of identity crisis going on in this story. Some characters change their identity in an instant and not least when you expect it. One character becomes evil and monstrous during this tale.


‘I.D’ is a great three-part audio adventure with Colin Baker’s Doctor. I wished it was a four-parter as three episodes wasn’t enough. I enjoyed the performances of Colin Baker and Sara Griffiths in this.

‘I.D.’ rating – 9/10

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2 thoughts on “‘I.D.’ (Audio)

  1. Timelord 007

    Superb review Tim, i enjoyed this story it has a strong supporting cast & has some great creepy moments & i completely agree with you that this audio should have been 4 parts not 3 as i felt several scenes could have been expanded upon.

    Love the pics with you & Colin & Sara, i can see the Tim Bradley Meets….. interview show happening one day.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tim Bradley Post author

    Thanks Simon. Glad you enjoyed my review on ‘I.D’. I really enjoyed this story and wished it was a 4-parter. Glad you like my pics with Colin and Sara.

    Well, I have started my nostalgia of meeting ‘Doctor Who’ stars with meeting the likes of Peter Davison and Sarah Sutton in my latest blog post if you want to check it out. But a TV show with me interviewing Who stars would be nice too!

    Tim. 🙂



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