‘Murmurs of Earth’ (ST/Audio)


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Mysterious Holograms and Voyager with the Sixth Doctor and Peri

This story is by Michael Deacon; Jamie Middleton and Chris Wraight. It features the Sixth Doctor and Peri and is read by Colin Baker. It’s amazing that this ‘Doctor Who’ short story is by three writers. I didn’t think that would be possible. I wonder how three writers got together to compile this story. 😀

This is an enjoyable tale where the Doctor and Peri visit a planet full of holograms. Peri’s life becomes in danger when she gets abducted. Beforehand, the Doctor and Peri had met a man and a woman who were completely naked. I wonder how that would’ve looked on TV with censor bars. 😀

Eventually, the Doctor finds Peri trapped inside a glass cube. It turns out that the aliens of this planet are trying to learn more about humanity when they collected one of the Voyager probes sent from Earth. This put me in mind very much of the V’Ger probe featured in ‘Star Trek: The Motion Picture’.

There are duplicate copies of the naked man and the naked woman as holograms in the story. They happen to be all smiling and can only say one word. Peri’s negative emotions are against the aliens’ findings for humanity. The Doctor persuades the aliens to set Peri free with really justifiable reasons.

He admits Peri can be a bad human being at times, but also tells the alien that she can be wonderful as well. Peri is eventually released, only for the duplicate holograms of the naked man and the naked woman arguing with each other. The Doctor and Peri return to the TARDIS and they leave the planet.

‘Murmurs of Earth’ rating – 8/10

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