‘Potential Energy’ (SS)


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The Potentialiser and Paris in the 19th Century with the Sixth Doctor and Peri

‘Part 2 – Time’ of ‘The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who’ ends with ‘Potential Energy’ by Jacqueline Rayner. This story features the Sixth Doctor and Peri. I enjoyed this little adventure. It showcases the Sixth Doctor and Peri’s characters well in terms of their relationship and bickering with each other. 🙂

The Doctor and Peri visit 19th century Paris as they try to locate an alien creature who they’ve named as the Potentialiser. Peri seems to have got herself engaged to someone called Roderick Pottinger and is tending to this sick but so full of herself girl called Jane Pottinger whom she reads to.

I do like how Jacqueline Rayner characterises Peri and the Sixth Doctor when they interact with each other. Peri comes up with witty remarks to the Doctor’s brashness and rudeness. The Doctor can often be absent minded when he goes in and out of a room and when he’s ignoring Peri at times. 😀

The Potentialiser, the alien that the Doctor and Peri are searching for, is a being that can detect the ‘potential’ for talent. The Potentialiser extracts that talent to give it to someone else who can use it. The Doctor and Peri investigate various people who can be the Potentialiser such as Yvette the maid.

Eventually, the Potentialiser gets revealed to be Miss Hyde whom the Doctor and Peri discover looking over Jane Pottinger in her bedroom. This short story has an element of ‘Downton Abbey’ about it. The Doctor also has this talking iPad and gives it the name Zoe. It’s only used once in this story.

‘Potential Energy’ is accompanied by the chapter called ‘The History of Earth’.

‘Potential Energy’ rating – 8/10

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