‘The Wings of a Butterfly’ (ST/Audio)



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Byxor and Gallifrey with the Sixth Doctor

This story is by Colin Baker. It features the Sixth Doctor and is read by Colin Baker himself. I was amazed to find this short story both read and written by the Sixth Doctor. 😀 I found Colin to be a superb narrator and he does well in writing this short tale featured in the ‘Short Trips: Volume I’ CD collection.

‘The Wings of a Butterfly’ is an amusing little tale where the Sixth Doctor discovers the end of the planet Byxor. It was caused by someone having his trousers fall down. 😀 The Doctor investigates this strange Byxor crisis on behalf of his old friend and mentor named Duotheros on the planet Gallifrey.

Of course, Colin has penned some ‘Doctor Who’ stories before. In fact, Colin originally wrote this story for an unlicensed anthology called ‘Missing Pieces’ in the year 2000. It’s amazing that this story was reproduced for Big Finish audio in this ‘Short Trips’ CD. Colin has written some comic book stories too.

It’s interesting how Colin approaches this story by exploring the Doctor’s willingness to change events in ways not permitted by the Time Lords of Gallifrey. It was amusing when Duotheros tried to stop the Doctor from carrying out this mission before the Doctor returned to have already done it.

It seems the Doctor’s TARDIS was responsible for causing the incident with the person’s trousers falling down. The worker who made the trousers got distracted by the TARDIS’ arrival. The Doctor makes several attempts to take the TARDIS back in time in order to stop the incident from ever happening.

‘The Wings of a Butterfly’ rating – 8/10

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