‘To Cut a Blade of Grass’ (ST/Audio)



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The Wibberleys with the Sixth Doctor and Peri

This story is by Cindy Garland. It features the Sixth Doctor and Peri; and is read by Colin Baker. I found this an interesting short story that was unusually structured. It has the Doctor visiting an old friend he once knew long ago at a hospital. He also meets his daughter who comes to visits him too.

The story begins with Rosie, the daughter of Walter Wibberley, and how she sees things from her perspective. It was quite moving to have Rosie talking to her Dad whilst he’s seemingly ill at the hospital. She soon discovers that her Dad had a visitor before her and he was so eccentric in his dress sense.

Rosie gets to meet Peri and the Doctor in turn. First she meets Peri who disguises herself as a nurse and takes her dad in a wheel chair. Later on, she meets the Doctor who mentions parsnips and persuades her to change her mind about giving up her career of writing and instead go for a business.

The story is concluded with a scene between the Doctor and Peri in the TARDIS. This was interesting as the Doctor reveals to Peri who Rosie and her dad Walter Wibberley are and how they’re so important. It turns out Walter is a baker who makes pasties and had travelled with the Doctor once.

It was touching to hear that the Doctor had taken Walter to see his daughter’s future where Rosie is getting married and when he’s with her at her bedside. Some of the story is quite complex, but it’s rather sweet. I like how the Doctor and Peri decide to eat pasties and parsnips at the end of this tale.

‘To Cut a Blade of Grass’ rating – 7/10

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