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Ice Warriors with the Doctor and Rose

The third episode of ‘The Tenth Doctor Adventures – Volume 2’ box set, ‘Cold Vengeance’, is by Matt Fitton. This is an exciting Tenth Doctor and Rose adventure, as they confront the deadly Ice Warriors.

In this episode, the TARDIS lands on a vast freezer satellite called Coldstar. The Doctor and Rose explore, but it isn’t very long until the Ice Warriors break out of hibernation and they begin to attack.

I was thrilled that the Doctor and Rose were facing an old foe from the series. I was pleased that the Tenth Doctor faced one of his famous monsters in a Big Finish audio and that it was the Ice Warriors.

The Ice Warriors are the ‘Doctor Who’ version of Martians from Mars. They made their first appearance in the classic ‘Doctor Who’ story, ‘The Ice Warriors’, starring Patrick Troughton’s Doctor.

‘Cold Vengeance’ is the first chronological appearance of the Ice Warriors in new series ‘Doctor Who’. This was before Matt Smith’s Doctor encountered an Ice Warrior in ‘Cold War’ during Series 7.

Matt Fitton delivers an action-packed, fast-paced adventure here. He doesn’t hold back on the Ice Warrior’s appearance for too long as they instantly become the threat aboard the Coldstar satellite.

It’s interesting how the Ice Warriors wants to exact their vengeance on the human colony worlds that Coldstar is in orbit of. I wanted to know what their motivations were whilst listening to the tale.

David Tennant excels superbly as the Doctor in this audio episode. I liked that moment when he quickly realise it’s the Ice Warriors and he’s very determined to put a stop to what the vengeance is.

It was thrilling to hear David’s Tennant use his quick wit in attempting to divert the Ice Warriors’ plans to destroy the human colony worlds. It gets very tense when the Doctor’s worried about Rose.

The scenes in the TARDIS where the Doctor berates Lord Hasskor on his actions were mesmerising to listen to. It was fun to hear David Tennant’s Doctor facing Ice Warriors for the first time in this story.

Billie Piper is equally brilliant as Rose Tyler in this episode. Again, Rose gets to demonstrate her resourcefulness. This is especially when Rose is on her own and when the Coldstar is facing trouble.

I like how Rose gets to know about the Ice Warriors through the Doctor when he reveals some of their history. Rose is also very compassionate in this tale, since she keeps Callum and Lorna together.

Rose is very supportive for the Doctor as she joins him in berating Lord Hasskor and telling him to change his ways. Rose also gets to be very ‘Doctor-ish’ when she commands a situation on her own.

Nicholas Briggs voices the Ice Warrior characters in this episode. Nick is very multi-talented both in the TV series and the Big Finish audios. It was a joy to hear him as the Ice Warriors for this audio tale.

The Ice Warrior characters are as follows. There’s Lord Hasskor the leader and Commander Slaan. Hasskor is the most interesting of the Ice Warriors, as his vengeance on humanity drives him insane.

The episode also features Maureen Beattie as Brona Volta. Brona is a space pirate who’s come to loot the Coldstar. She seems cold at first, but joins the Doctor to find a way to stop the Ice Warriors.

There’s also Sean Biggerstaff as Callum Volta, Brona’s son. I’ve heard Sean before in ‘Time Reef’ with Peter Davison and ‘Shada’ with Paul McGann. Will Callum be the coward or the hero in this episode?

There’s also Keziah Joseph as Lorna, who’s just come to do the recycling aboard Coldstar. And there’s Anthony Stuart Hicks as refuse ship driver, Bert and Coldstar’s reception robot, Management.

‘Cold Vengeance’ is a great action-filled adventure with the Doctor and Rose. I enjoyed their facing the Ice Warriors in this ‘Doctor Who’ episode and it was a thrill how the Doctor and Rose beat them.

At the end of Disc 3 of ‘The Tenth Doctor Adventures – Volume 2’, there’s a track of incidental music from ‘Cold Vengeance’ to enjoy!

the tenth doctor adventures vol 2 behind the scenes


‘The Tenth Doctor Audio Adventures Documentary’ for ‘The Tenth Doctor Adventures – Volume 2’ is contained on Disc 4 of the box set. I enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look on the making of the three audio episodes in the box set. I especially enjoyed the interviews with David Tennant and Billie Piper.

The documentary begins with an introduction on how this box set with the Doctor and Rose came to be. There are interviews with executive producer/director Nicholas Briggs; producer David Richardson; script editor Matt Fitton and of course David Tennant and Billie Piper who I was very thrilled to hear.

It was lovely to hear the anecdotes by Nick Briggs, David Richardson and Matt Fitton on how they managed to get David and Billie back together for Big Finish and what it was like in the recording studio. It was equally lovely to hear Billie share her enjoyment of doing ‘Doctor Who’ again on audio.

There’s then a look into ‘Infamy of the Zaross’. There are interviews with writer John Dorney; David Tennant; Camille Coduri; Rosie Cavaliero; Guy Henry; Beth Lilly; George Watkins and George Asprey. It was fun to hear Guy Henry share working in ‘Harry Potter’ and ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’.

There’s then a look into ‘The Sword of the Chevalier’. There are interviews with David Tennant; Nickolas Grace; Tam Williams; Mark Elstob; Lucy Briggs-Owen and James Joyce. I don’t recall writer Guy Adams being interviewed here. I also did not realise Mark Elstob was Big Finish’s ‘The Prisoner’.

And there’s then a look into ‘Cold Vengeance’. There are interviews with writer/script editor Matt Fitton; David Tennant; Nicholas Briggs; Maureen Beattie; Sean Biggerstaff; Keziah Joseph and Antony Stuart-Hicks. I was amazed to learn that Maureen Beattie was in ‘Last Christmas’ with Peter Capladi.

The documentary ends with positive notes on the writing of Russell T. Davies during the 2005-2009 era of ‘Doctor Who’ as well as the successful combination of the Tenth Doctor and Rose. There are interviews with Nick Briggs; David Richardson; Camille Coduri; David Tennant and Billie Piper on this.

listen big finish


On Disc 5 of ‘The Tenth Doctor Adventures – Volume 2’ box set, there’s ‘The Audio Adventures of Doctor Who’ documentary. This looks into other ‘Doctor Who’ Big Finish audio releases as of November 2017. I knew of the latest ‘Doctor Who’ releases. Some I’d listened to and some I had not.

There isn’t an introduction for this documentary, neither is there a conclusion. The documentary goes straight into a trailer and a behind-the-scenes look of ‘U.N.I.T.: Assemble’. This features interviews with Jemma Redgrave; Ingrid Oliver; Katy Manning and John Levene in the audio box set.

There’s then a look into the ‘Classic Doctors, New Monsters – Volume 2’ box set that features a trailer and behind-the-scenes interviews. This has interviews with director Barnaby Edwards; Tom Baker; Peter Davison; Colin Baker; Paul McGann; Pam Ferris and also writer/script editor Matt Fitton.

Next there’s a look into ‘The Ninth Doctor Chronicles’ with a trailer and interviews with Nicholas Briggs; Bruno Langley; Camille Coduri; etc. There’s also a look into ‘The Third Doctor Adventures – Vol. 3’, with a trailer for it and some interviews with Tim Treloar; Katy Manning; Nicholas Briggs; etc.

There’s then a look into ‘The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield: Ruler of the Universe’, the box set featuring Bernice Summerfield with David Warner’s Unbound Doctor. There’s a trailer for this and there are interviews with Lisa Bowerman, David Warner; Sam Kisgart/Mark Gatiss 😀 , etc.

There’s also a look into ‘The Early Adventures’ audio story called ‘The Outliers’ with the Second Doctor, Polly, Ben and Jamie. There’s a trailer and behind-the-scenes interviews with writer Simon Guerrier; Anneke Wills; Frazer Hines; Elliot Chapman; Debbie Chazen and script-editor John Dorney.

I like how the documentary ends with Anneke Wills talking about her delight of seeing the trailer for ‘Twice Upon A Time’ with William Hartnell transforming into David Bradley as the First Doctor. She also shares her delight at seeing Lily Travers as the new Polly in the episode and hoping to meet her.

‘The Tenth Doctor Adventures – Volume 2’ has been a joyful box set of audio adventures with the Tenth Doctor and Rose. I enjoyed these three adventures as they gave me nostalgic memories of the Doctor and Rose when I saw them in Series 2. ‘Infamy of the Zaross’ has to be my favourite episode.

Who knows what will happen next with the Tenth Doctor in ‘Doctor Who’ at Big Finish. I hope they’ll do Volume 3 soon with David Tennant in ‘The Tenth Doctor Adventures’. They’ve done Donna and Rose. Let’s hope it’s Martha Jones next! I hope there’ll be tales with Lady Christina de Souza too.

‘Cold Vengeance’ rating – 9/10

‘The Tenth Doctor Adventures – Volume 2’ CD rating – 9/10

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2 thoughts on “‘Cold Vengeance’ (Audio)

  1. Timelord 007

    This was my favourite story of the three, David Tennant IS simply outstanding in these Big Finish audios, he slips back into the role like he never left, Rose character has been well written in the three adventures but this is Billies best performance i think.

    This audio had it all, great characters, stong storyline, excellent performances & the Ice Warriors definitely deserving of 9/10.

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your reviews on these audio dramas Tim, I’m sure David Tennant will do more as these have sold well, now if only he & Tom Baker could do a multi Doctor story I’d dance in our street & give Big Finish my money now lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      Hi Simon.

      Glad to hear that ‘Cold Vengeance’ is your favourite story out of these three in the box set. I’m very pleased with how these Tenth Doctor audios have turned out. David Tennant shines throughout these audios and yes, you like you said, it’s like he’s never left. I’m pleased that Billie Piper and Catherine Tate have been able to reprise their roles for Rose and Donna in the audios and they are well-written.

      I’m pleased you enjoyed the story, the characters, the performances and the Ice Warriors in ‘Cold Vengeance’. It was very interesting how the Tenth Doctor and Rose faced the Ice Warriors in this story for the first time.

      Very pleased you enjoyed my reviews on these Tenth Doctor audio dramas. I look forward to when Big Finish will produce more stories with David Tennant’s Doctor in them. I hope that the 60th anniversary of ‘Doctor Who’ will have David Tennant appearing in a multi-Doctor story with Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann someday. 😀

      Thanks Simon.

      Tim. 🙂



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