‘Last Chance’ (Audio)


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Africa and Iceland with the Tenth Doctor and Lady Christina

The fourth story of ‘The Tenth Doctor Chronicles’, ‘Last Chance’, is by Guy Adams. This was the audio story I was looking forward to the most with Michelle Ryan’s return as Lady Christina de Souza.

Guy Adams has contributed a number of ‘Doctor Who’ audio adventures over the years by Big Finish. This includes my one of my favourite audio stories, ‘Dalek Soul’, starring the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa.

I was pleased Michelle Ryan was back as Lady Christina in this ‘Doctor Who’ adventure. It would’ve been criminal not to include Lady Christina in one of these stories as she was a potential companion.

Lady Christina made one TV appearance in ‘Doctor Who’ and that was in the 2009 Easter Special, ‘Planet of the Dead’. ‘Last Chance’ is the second encounter between the Tenth Doctor and Christina.

As I said before in other reviews, it would be nice if the Tenth Doctor and Lady Christina had a series of audio adventures in Big Finish. Perhaps they still could. However this doesn’t seem the case here.

Lady Christina still gets to have an adventure with the Tenth Doctor in this audio story no doubt. But this story seems to occur at a point where the Tenth Doctor is on his way towards the end of his life.

For the Tenth Doctor, this audio adventure takes place between ‘The Waters of Mars’ and ‘The End of Time’. The Doctor seems to be taking his ‘last holiday’ before he soon heads off to the Ood-Sphere.

It’s a shame it seems to be the case that the Tenth Doctor and Lady Christina won’t have so many adventures after this one. There could’ve been a lot potential between these two in the audio realm.

But that doesn’t mean Big Finish can’t tell more adventures featuring Lady Christina. After all, she’s about to have her own spin-off series in the Big Finish audio realm after this adventure’s taken place.

In the story, Lady Christina is in Africa. I like how the Doctor rides in on a rhino to pick Lady Christina up before they have an adventure. I wonder where Lady Christina parked her red double-decker bus. 😀

Once again, Jacob Dudman excels in his performance and narration. I loved it when the Tenth Doctor and Lady Christina interacted with each other. I kept thinking it was David Tennant most of the time.

Michelle Ryan is equally wonderful as Lady Christina and retains the sassiness of her character from ‘Planet of the Dead’. She also gets to express her moral stance on the preservation of animals in this.

The Doctor’s been collecting last kinds of various animals around the world. He’s kept them in his TARDIS like Noah’s Ark. Lady Christina helps the Doctor in collecting more animals as they continue.

I loved it when Lady Christina gets to go inside the Doctor’s TARDIS for the first time which never happened on TV. Her reaction feels natural and wonderful to listen to and I’m glad that it happened.

I also like how Lady Christina’s relationship with the Doctor gets touched upon and how she doesn’t ask to travel with him again, fearing he’ll say “No!” again. It’s well-handled in the context of the tale.

Very soon, the Doctor and Lady Christina get to go to Iceland. They even use the TARDIS as a boat in freezing waters, much like how the Doctor used the TARDIS as a sleigh in the 2009 BBC Christmas Idents. 😀

The Doctor and Lady Christina are saving the last kinds of animals from a malicious collector called the Deagle. I loved the voice Jacob Dudman creates for the Deagle, making him deep and menacing.

Michelle Ryan and Jacob Dudman in ‘Last Chance’.

‘Last Chance’ is a great audio adventure from ‘The Tenth Doctor Chronicles’. It was wonderful to hear Michelle Ryan as Lady Christina reunite with the Tenth Doctor. I hope it won’t be the very last.

The CD extras are as follows. There’s a strange track where Jacob Dudman reads the credits of the CD box set. And there are behind-the-scenes interviews with Jacob Dudman, Michelle Ryan and writer Guy Adams, conducted by producer Scott Handcock on ‘Last Chance’ which I enjoyed hearing.

I greatly enjoyed ‘The Tenth Doctor Chronicles’ by Big Finish. I’ve been impressed with Jacob Dudman’s performance and narration throughout. He has an authentic voice for David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor and I’m happy I purchased this CD box set when I did during that debit card crisis I had.

I also like how ‘The Tenth Doctor Chronicles’ explore various aspects of the Tenth Doctor’s life including from his beginning towards his end. It’s a shame there wasn’t a proper Tenth Doctor and Donna story here. I’m pleased there were tales featuring Rose, Martha and Lady Christina with Ten.

Will I get to listen and review ‘The Eleventh Doctor Chronicles’ someday? Well, I’d like to very much. It’ll have to be when I’m attending a convention or when I want to purchase the CD box set on a whim. The audio story where the Eleventh Doctor and Clara meet Jane Austen sounds very interesting.

‘Last Chance’ rating – 8/10

‘The Tenth Doctor Chronicles’ CD rating – 9/10

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2 thoughts on “‘Last Chance’ (Audio)

  1. Timelord007

    Michelle Ryan…..,(drifts off, “Timelord007 your so handsome & kind would you like take me to dinner”

    I would but only if I can kiss you Michelle.

    Michelle Ryan.
    You may.

    Tim Bradley.
    Wake up Simon your dreaming about Michelle Ryan again, tell me what did you think of my review.

    Excellent review Tim, Lady Christina would have been a great companion to the Tenth Doctor, such a shame it wasn’t to be as the character kicks ass & Michelles performance here is top notch, Jacob Dudman eerily sounds like David Tennant, a great story by Guy Adams, fast paced audio adventure worthy of the 8/10 rating.

    Now Michelle where were we, oh I was about to kiss you.

    Tim Bradley.
    Oh for heaven’s sake I’m off I’ll leave you to your fantasy Simon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      Hi Simon.

      Despite your dream fantasies (thanks for including me in the script dialogue you wrote 😀 ), I’m pleased you enjoyed this audio adventure with Lady Christina. I wish Michelle Ryan was able to play the character as a proper companion with the Tenth Doctor. Maybe she will one day. But at the moment it seems unlikely. I take it you’re going to enjoy the ‘Lady Christina’ audios with Michelle Ryan then. 😀

      Thanks for your comments, Simon. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must get into my TARDIS and see Sarah Sutton. 😀

      Tim. 🙂



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